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Today’s action-packed “Ben Settle Show” reveals:

* A secret way to position even your most outrageous claims in ads so they are instantly and totally believed.

* How one of the world’s top direct mail copywriters structures his ads so people have no choice but to believe his claims.

* What news reporters know about writing believably that probably only 1 in 100 copywriters do. (The late great copywriter Gene Schwartz talked about this in his book “Breakthrough Advertising” and it works like crazy for building believability and credibility in your ads.)

* How to “spin” product flaws into reasons to buy.

* When never to use an exclamation points.

* A special “trick” affiliate marketers can use to stand out head and shoulders from their hyped up competition. (Almost no affiliate marketer has the balls to test this, but it’s worked like crazy every time I’ve use it.)

* The world’s single most “un-sexy” persuasion secret. (It’s also the world’s single most powerful persuasion secret—but since it sounds so boring, nobody talks about it.)

* The best people to target in any market you sell in.

* What to do if you don’t like the people you sell to.

* How to sell to skeptics who are so jaded they swear they’ll never buy from anyone ever again.

* What to say in your ads if people know they can find everything in your product on Google for free.

* And lotza mo’…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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