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Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode it’s ALL about storytelling in your ads, emails, and sales letters:

* How human beings are “hard wired” to be persuaded by stories.

* How presidential candidates use stories to get people to believe their bullshit claims and promises.

* How to use dusty old history books to make “boring” products sound exciting and interesting.

* What to do if you can’t think of what to say in your ads and you have a looming deadline coming up. (Don’t panic, just do this and it’ll be all good in the marketing ‘hood.)

* Two movies that are world class examples of selling with stories. (One of the movies wasn’t even trying to “sell” anyone on joining the Navy, yet it worked so well Navy recruiters were setting up shop inside theaters while it ran.)

* How a simple story is helping to save the 400,000+ kids in East Africa who are being tortured, raped, killed, and abused each year.

* Why simple storytelling is the most profitable kind.

* 5 ways to tell stories in your marketing that almost can’t fail.

* How to use stories to sell people on products they didn’t realize they even needed.

* How to make big claims without sounding like you’re bragging.

* The right (and wrong) way to use parables in advertising.

* Why the famous John Caples piano ad is misleading. (If you were to do what he did in that ad in the health, financial, or biz opp markets, you’d probably get taken away in handcuffs.)

* One of the best kinds of stories to tell in the first email of an auto-responder sequence.

* And more, More, MORE…

Producer Jonathan thought this episode was so valuable, it could be a course we sell… and we very well might do just that.

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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