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Today’s controversial “Ben Settle Show” analyzes the 3 kinds of hoes (male, female, and business).

It also reveals:

* What a time hoe is… and why they’re always broke and struggling.

* The single best and most reliable way to sell a service.

* The stupid (and popularly taught) thing I did early in my copywriting business that guaranteed no client would pay me anything and hire someone else instead. (If you are doing this, stop—reverse course, and do what I say in the podcast starting yesterday.)

* The mistake almost all online marketers make that makes their list turn hostile on them.

* What a man should tell a woman who won’t date him if she asks him to help her (with moving something, favors, listening to her cry on his shoulder, etc).

* Why so many men get “friend zoned” by the women they want.

* What too many men do that guarantees no woman will ever date, love, or marry them.

* What too many women do that guarantees no man commits to them or “wifes” them up.

* And a ho (heh) bunch more…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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