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* The #1 book on time management ever written. (It goes well beyond just time management—it’s also one of the best overall business books ever written.)

* Why I don’t do business with people who aren’t punctual. (And why you won’t, either, after you listen to this episode.)

* The one attribute successful people have that unsuccessful people don’t. (If you JUST do this, you’ve already won. And no, it ain’t got nuttin’ to do with talent, time, money, persistence, or anything you’re thinking it is.)

* The exact time of the day when your brain wants you to do the most amount of work (and will reward you for helping you get it done faster and more efficiently than at any other time).

* Interesting fact: I can see a meth house from my home office window.

* What “Burgle time” is, and why it’s no coincidence the town I live in (which I call “The Burgle”) is a crap hole with lots of crime, bloodshed, and unemployment. (I had to teach my copywriting apprentice not to do what everyone else in this town does, and it made a huge difference in her success almost overnight.)

* What to do during the first hour of every day to blow right past your competition.

* What the late (great) copywriter Gene Schwartz did to keep his work day down to just 3 hours per day. (While other copywriters sat hunched over a keyboard for 8+ hours per day, Gene simply did this, and banged out more successful direct mail campaigns than practically anyone else in a fraction of the time.)

* How to use an ordinary 3X5 note card to get the maximum amount of work done in minimal time. (I do this every Sunday night and never have a problem finishing all my work—even while simultaneously writing a novel, banging out ads & emails for multiple JV’s, and creating my own daily emails, newsletters, and products.)

* And that the list goes on…

Ben Settle

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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