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At our last Newell Strength holiday party, I was asked my thoughts on intermittent fasting. I sort of chuckled because I thought the person asking was messing with me … Turns out, they really wanted to know.READ MORE

Today’s podcast is about the exact marketing, email, copywriting, and other trainings I listen to (often a dozen or more times over the years) while walking my dog, taking a shower, and even while playing video games.… READ MORE

I recently launched a new book on Amazon.
And now yours truly is a 3-time international best selling author.
By the way, when I proffered that as payment for my small coffee at Starbucks the other
day, the girl behind the counter looked at me like I had three heads and said, “That’ll be
$50, please.” (Or whatever astronomical price they’re charging for a small coffee these
But that’s neither here nor there.… READ MORE

If you’re not collectively tracking your data, you’re just guessing.
The famous Peter Drucker once said ‘what gets measured gets managed’.
The vast majority of people don’t take the time to measure their results, and as a result, get frustrated as to why they never reach the level of success they desire.… READ MORE

If you’re looking for a profitable niche for your coaching business, but you’ve no idea where to start, this episode has YOU in mind.
Finding a niche can be a minefield at times with all the conflicting information out there.READ MORE

We’ve all been there…trapped in a conversation we can’t get out of. You want to say no, but you worry about letting someone down and you suddenly find yourself saying yes.
An inability to say no shows up in many ways.… READ MORE

It’s inevitable at some point on your business building journey, you’re going to have to raise your target hourly rates.
Many business owners begin by charging a less than average rate for their services, and as their business grows and their experience levels flourish, they begin to slowly raise their rates to match the value they provided.… READ MORE

Man! Is it me or are people just making some off-the-wall decisions when it comes to what nutrition advice to follow. I honestly wonder what the heck most people are thinking, then I realize, most people aren’t.READ MORE

I can’t believe it but this is the last episode of this year!
So crazy right?!
If you want 2018 to be different from your “same old” routine…you gotta find a way to shake up your life!
I always love New Year’s and having a fresh start!… READ MORE

Richard Viguerie, American conservative figure and pioneer of political direct mail shares his insights and expert experience into the world of direct marketing. He’s 84 years old, still works 10 hours a day, hates sleep and is always excited to wake up in the morning.READ MORE

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