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Most of the world is looking at this Pandemic as a curse of epic proportions.
Today’s guest on The Daily Bread Project sees things totally differently. Mr. Greg Smith from The Rise Above Podcast shares:

Why this Pandemic might be a dream come true
How you can take care of yourself (even when you’re in lockdown)
2 thing you must have to keep your household sane
The creativity killer keeping you from being productive
Why the education system as we know it is in BIG trouble
3 Secrets to lifelong growth
How to storm proof your life and business

All that and more on The Daily Bread Project today.… READ MORE

Just because most of the world is suffering,
Doesn’t mean you have to join them.
Today on The Daily Bread Project you’ll find out how you can Graduate from Suffering with Bob Gardner, host of The Alive and Free Show.… READ MORE

Today on The Daily Bread Project Brandon Neely from Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom joins me to share how you can capitalize on crisis.

How you can have extra cash ready for the next crisis
What you can do to make yourself stronger
Tips fro thriving in a recession
Why you can’t let fear freeze you during hard times
How to spot opportunities in the obstacles
The secret to keeping your business from becoming a cash eating monster
How you can ethically prosper in down times
Why past pain might be your best friend
What you can do to stay positive while others panic

All that and more on The Daily Bread Project.… READ MORE

You say you want more out of life.
But what are you doing to get it?
Today on The Daily Bread Project Mark Evans Dm of The Making of a DM shows you how you can Have More. Do More. Be More. Give more.
In our 30 minute chat you’ll find out:

The secret to happiness
What you need to win everyday
Why comparing yourself to others could be killing your confidence
A powerful way to shut off and shut out negativity
The best time to invest in yourself and your business
How to build a legacy that changes the world
How to get a world class education from the comfort of your own home.… READ MORE

“Wells are dug because you need water”
In Harvey Mackay’s book “Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty” he talks about preparing your provisions before you need them.
Today, on The Daily Bread Project James Pollard of Financial Advisor Marketing joins me to share the best way to be prepared for uncertain times.… READ MORE

You’re receiving gifts everyday, but sometimes you don’t even notice them.
On Today’s Daily Bread Project you’ll get a simple practice that’ll make you more aware of all the wonderful gifts you have in your life.… READ MORE

Fear is normal. Letting it run your life isn’t.
Today, on The Daily Bread Project you’ll get a gameplan for eliminating fear and radiating joy.… READ MORE

How to protect your money and your mind in these uncertain times with Amanda Neely from Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom Today, on The Daily Bread Project I enlisted the help of financial expert Amanda Neely .… READ MORE

Day 3: Leveraging Lockdown to Live Large

How to avoid panic and prosper
Why you need to take care of yourself (more than ever)
Leadership and Light in a dark world
How to grow when the world is shrinking
The sure fire way to keep your mind at ease

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Panic is contagious, so is love. Which would you rather spread?
Visit The Daily Bread Project website for more.… READ MORE

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