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Is “worry” a real thing?
Is it something made up?
Today Anthony Metivier joins me to say, “Worry doesn’t exist.”
Not only that, he also shares:

The secret to never being thirsty again
How to tap into your flow state on demand
The Great Depression Destroyer
Why you need to C.A.R.E.… READ MORE

We all tell ourselves lies.
We’re not good enough.
We’re not smart enough.
We’re not fit enough.
…We are not enough.
On today’s show Jill Allen from “Find Your Fierce” joins me to say, “You are enough”

The source for everlasting power and confidence
How you can tap into your true power
The secret to locking out fear
Even when the world seems like its spinning into chaos, you can control these two important things
A simple hack to help you be more positive
Why you need The Armor of God now more than ever
How you can turn this “pandemic” into the opportunity of a lifetime
Why you’re all out of excuses for not having the life you’ve always wanted

That and more on The Daily Bread Project today.… READ MORE

Today’s show is only for believers.
Jim Lupkin joins me to challenge your thinking about the world we’re living in.
Today’s Bread:

How thinking bigger will make you happier
If you don’t already know your core values, you need to figure them out now.… READ MORE

Being by yourself = Being Stuck.
Today Mike Silverman joins me to tell you, “Even though we’re quarantined you don’t have to be by yourself.”
We’re more connected than ever before. You have more access to positive influences.… READ MORE

In today’s world it’s easy to feel… Powerless.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Today Marquell Russell joins me to say, “You have all the power in the world.” You need only tap into it.… READ MORE

On today’s show Cory Carlson joins us to share:

The Power of God
Why quiet can be good and bad
The “G” word for staying positive
An easy way to capture and kill negative thoughts
How you might be missing a once in a lifetime opportunity
Why being vulnerable can make you a better leader
Are you being passed by?… READ MORE

Want to get more done in less time?
On today’s show Nate Kennedy joins me to talk about how you can work less and accomplish more.

How to expand your abilities by focusing on fewer things
Why your beliefs could be holding you back
The 3 step formula for boosting your resilience
How to tell if you’re listening to the wrong people
The single greatest opportunity in decades and how to capitalize from it
Why slowing down will make you happier and more productive

All that and more on The Daily Bread project.… READ MORE

The #1 regret most people have on their death bed… All the things they DIDN’t do.
Are you living up to your potential?
On today’s show Jennings Smith joins us to share:

Why the rules you were taught in school don’t apply to you
The biggest mistake you don’t realize you’re making that’s keeping you from having everything you want in life
Is your business serving you?… READ MORE

Everyone says they want more out of life.
But most people don’t know how to get it.
On today’s show Coach Katie Danger joins us to share:

The secret to getting everything you ever dreamed
Why suffering shouldn’t stop you from having it all
A weird trick to make your wildest dreams come true
Why you should embrace failure
How focusing on sales could be costing you more than you think
Feeling powerless?… READ MORE

If you’re finding it hard to be positive when the world is panicking…
Today’s show is for you.
Tristan Emond joins me to share:

Why smiling is more important than it has ever been
Is Facebook making you anxious?… READ MORE

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