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In 5 years from now, When you’re looking back at this time, Will you wish you had done something differently?
Today’s guest Austin Rutherford says, “There’s opportunity everywhere.”
He urges you to live a life without regrets.… READ MORE

And if a house is divided against itself. That house will not be able to stand.
Mark 3:25
Today on The Daily Bread Project we talk about social distancing.
The effect it’s having on people. And how I’m a BIG baby when people don’t say, “Hi!” To me in the streets.… READ MORE

This was one of the hardest shows I’ve ever had to do.
Woke up this morning at 5:15 AM Found myself wishing this craziness was just a bad dream.
But it’s not.
Social Distancing, Quarantine, unemployment and the economic collapse are all happening.… READ MORE

Are you ready to break free from fear once and for all?
Today on The Daily Bread project you’ll find out how.
My guest is Ray Gonzalez from the Both on Board show.
He says,
“Fear is a choice.”
On today’s show Ray shares:

How filling you heart with love is the best protection from uncertainty
Why having “everything” is not enough
The simple secret to conquering fear
The “F” word that will set you free
Why “ownership” is only an illusion keeping you unsatisfied and helpless
How to have all the abundance you want
Why your ego is getting in the way of your happiness

All that and more on The Daily Bread Project today.… READ MORE

If you’re waiting for life to get “back to normal” You’re in for a rude awakening today on The Daily Bread Project.
Why? Because today’s guest says, “This is the new normal.”
And you know what… She’s right.… READ MORE

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good acceptable and perfect.
Romans 12:2
Today on The Daily Bread Project you’ll find out why the media keeps feeding you fear.… READ MORE

If the news has you wound up.
Feeling like the world is speeding out of control into oblivion.
Then now is the BEST time to shift into neutral.
Today on The Daily Bread Project I’m joined by veteran podcaster Mr.… READ MORE

Most of the world is looking at this Pandemic as a curse of epic proportions.
Today’s guest on The Daily Bread Project sees things totally differently. Mr. Greg Smith from The Rise Above Podcast shares:

Why this Pandemic might be a dream come true
How you can take care of yourself (even when you’re in lockdown)
2 thing you must have to keep your household sane
The creativity killer keeping you from being productive
Why the education system as we know it is in BIG trouble
3 Secrets to lifelong growth
How to storm proof your life and business

All that and more on The Daily Bread Project today.… READ MORE

Just because most of the world is suffering,
Doesn’t mean you have to join them.
Today on The Daily Bread Project you’ll find out how you can Graduate from Suffering with Bob Gardner, host of The Alive and Free Show.… READ MORE

Today on The Daily Bread Project Brandon Neely from Grandma’s Wealth Wisdom joins me to share how you can capitalize on crisis.

How you can have extra cash ready for the next crisis
What you can do to make yourself stronger
Tips fro thriving in a recession
Why you can’t let fear freeze you during hard times
How to spot opportunities in the obstacles
The secret to keeping your business from becoming a cash eating monster
How you can ethically prosper in down times
Why past pain might be your best friend
What you can do to stay positive while others panic

All that and more on The Daily Bread Project.… READ MORE

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