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Most people take decades to pay off their mortgage. The monthly payments are a constant expense. And if you can’t pay them? The bank takes your house and puts you on the street.
Velocity Banking promises an escape: Use a line of credit as your primary bank account and pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible. READ MORE

Budgeting feels like a chore. You know you’ll feel better afterwards, but it’s painful to limit yourself in buying the things you love.
When you’re on a variable income, it’s easy to tell yourself that budgeting doesn’t work for you.… READ MORE

When we see entrepreneurs in the media, they never seem worried about money: They drive nice cars, own big houses and could retire if they wanted to.
But when you start your own business, you see how different entrepreneurship is in reality: One year you could go on exotic vacations, the next you’re worried about paying rent. READ MORE

Bonds, stocks, put options, call options, cryptocurrency, derivatives – there are thousands of ways to invest your money. 
Understanding how all of these work is a full-time career. But you shouldn’t invest in something you don’t understand. READ MORE

When it comes to growing your wealth, most people think about one thing: The stock market.
But almost nobody understands the market. They hand their money to a Wall Street firm. Then they hope they don’t have to retire on half their savings if the market happens to be down.… READ MORE

Going broke is heartbreaking. Everything you’ve worked for evaporates in front of your eyes. You feel as if you wasted all those years.
But when you do lose money, you have two choices: You can restart the your failed strategy that failed before – or learn from your failures and grow your wealth sustainably. READ MORE

Growing your business feels awesome. You have more clients, work with a bigger team and make a bigger impact. 
But when you work hard to grow your business, you also deserve to get rewarded more. That’s why you need to look at your profits, not your revenue. READ MORE

When it comes to your finances, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. 
People keep putting your money into the same savings account, contribute to the same 401k and make the same stock-picking mistakes—even if those investments don’t serve them. READ MORE

Entrepreneurs are ambitious, hard-working people with a dream. They do their best to build a legacy for their family and wealth for themselves. 
But most businesses fail within the first few years.READ MORE

Many people are taught that they should never take on debt. You get money in the short term, but you have to pay back more than you borrowed because you’re paying interest. 
It might sound like interest is just another unnecessary expense.READ MORE

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