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You want to know how to turn every obstacle into an opportunity?
Today Kyle Newell joins me to show you how your mind can be your greatest asset or biggest liability.

Covid: Gift or Curse?
The 3×3 formula to start and end your day with power
The secret to lifetime growth
A precious gift most people are wasting right now
Want to be more confident?… READ MORE

You have no control over what happens in your life. But you can control this…
On today’s show:

What happens when you go from hero to zero
How Jesus handled being sold out by his closest friends
Life can turn bad in a second, but how you handle it makes all the difference
How you can turn obstacles into opportunities

All that and more on The Daily Bread Project today.… READ MORE

You can have anything you want in this world.
If you follow this simple formula:
Dream + Plan = Accomplish
Today Harold Green joins me from the “Stop Doing What You Hate” show. During our time together he shares:
Why “microwave” thinking is keeping you broke
How to capitalize on this crazy market
The two channels most people are watching, pick the wrong one and you’ll suffer
Why cash isn’t King and having too much can hurt you
Tips for protecting your mind from the propaganda machine
All that and more today on The Daily Bread Project.… READ MORE

You ever notice how some people… Have it all.
While others are… Just getting by?
Justin Atherton from Confidence Unchained joins me today to talk about:

The “I” word that makes everyone look up to you in awe
How to make yourself BulletProof in the morning
Tactics for getting rid of negativity in your life for good
The Common Denominator between those who have it all and those who fail miserably
Secrets for lifelong growth
The ‘elevator technique’ that’ll keep you cool under pressure
Three C’s of leadership
Never get caught off guard using this simple mental technique
Why emotions aren’t necessarily a bad thing

All that and more on The Daily Bread Project today.… READ MORE

Before the world went haywire, You probably said to yourself, “If I only had more time…”
Eric Handler says, “you’re all out of excuses.”
We have more time than we’ve had in years.… READ MORE

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it ~ Matthew 7:14
Today, Bob Holdsworth encourages you to take the strong road less traveled.
On today’s show:

Why most people don’t get what they want out of life
Are you prepared when panic strikes?… READ MORE

Are you holding on too tight?
Not wanting to let go of the ways things “used to be” Today Kevin Breeding joins me to tell you to let it go.
Here’s your daily nourishment:

How to survive in this “backwards” world
The tiny mindset shift that launches you from fear to courage
Why letting go makes you more powerful
Are you getting in the way of God’s work?… READ MORE

Some people cower in fear.
Other’s lean into their faith when times get hard.
Today Josh Schoenly shares how to get more done in three weeks than most people do in three months. Even with all your kids at home (he has four.)
Today’s bread:

Is it possible to find harmony in a crazy house full of kids?… READ MORE

Even with 5 kids and a husband at home, Today’s guest admits to feeling alone sometimes.
Shawna Beckman joins us on The Daily Bread Project to talk about:

How to Get Things Done when you have no time
Why having routines is more important than ever right now
What to do when you can’t sell your core offer
How to keep momentum when the whole world seems to be slowing down
The “no fail” way to level-up your environment
Why nothing has really changed (even though everything seems different)

All that and more today on The Daily Bread Project.… READ MORE

People are panicking.
They’re wearing face masks and gloves when they leave the house.
Millions are out of work.
And we can’t help but wonder, “Is it really that bad?”
Chris Axelrad joins me on The Daily Bread Project to share some perspective.… READ MORE

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