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Along this journey of becoming a full-time holistic practitioner, you go through a lot of changes. Before you even start your own practice, you’ve gone through a bunch of changes: From not knowing about this medicine to wanting to heal patients for a living, you’ve come a long way.READ MORE

If you haven’t reached your goal with your practice yet, growing it can feel like a slog. You work hard and do everything experts tell you to do. But you’re still not booked out.
If that’s the case, you’re missing one thing: Momentum.… READ MORE

The STS method makes getting, booking and treating patients simple. But if you want to see any results from it, you’ve got to put what you learned into practice.
In this episode, you’ll hear exactly what you have to do to get more paying patients in the door using the STS method.… READ MORE

When you first started your practice, you probably thought it would be easy: Do some marketing to get patients every week, treat them and live a happy life full of impact.
But along the way, things probably started to seem a lot more complicated.… READ MORE

Most holistic practitioners think they’ll take the straight road to success. They believe one thing will lead to the next and they’ll see dozens of smiling patients per day.
But when reality kicks in and things outside of their control happen, they fight what’s happening instead of focusing on making a bigger impact and building their dream practice.… READ MORE

As a holistic practitioner, you’re probably critical of some of the practices of the allopathic medical community.
One of the most common criticisms is the greed of big pharma companies. But when it comes down to it, even many acupuncturists are greedy.… READ MORE

Impact is the no. 1 thing holistic practitioners strive for. It’s watching your patients enter with a frown and leave with a smile that really drives us.
But most practices don’t create maximum impact.… READ MORE

If you think of success in your practice, what do you think of? You probably imagine some highlight reel. A patient brought to tears after your treatment changed his life, a packed schedule and an income that affords you your dream lifestyle.… READ MORE

Each patient who comes to you is unique. They have unique problems and require unique solutions. Unlike conventional doctors, we don’t see our patients as numbers in a spreadsheet.
But how do you know what treatment your patients really need?… READ MORE

Being a holistic practitioner isn’t just a job. It’s really a mission. But it’s also a journey. On your journey, you’ll hear a lot of people talk about you. Some will praise you, others will talk behind your back.… READ MORE

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