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Being a holistic practitioner isn’t just a job. It’s really a mission. But it’s also a journey. On your journey, you’ll hear a lot of people talk about you. Some will praise you, others will talk behind your back.

The only thing you can control is you. And you’re who controls whether your journey ends with a flourishing practice full of patients or with a broken dream and an office job.

You’ll make many decisions on your journey, but one is the most important one: Will you be driven by ego? And if you’ve never thought about what you’ll hear in this episode, chances are your ego has already made that decision for you (and it’s not in the passenger seat).

Listen now to learn more about how you can advance your journey by defeating your ego.

Show highlights include:

  • Forget all the bells and whistles… here are the 3 only things you need to make magic happen for your patients. (6:25)
  • How “seed intelligence” lets you accomplish anything you want with what you have NOW. (8:25)
  • What Chi really is—and how to leverage it to reach your goals effortlessly. (9:15)
  • The place where all healing comes from—and the exact words that teach your patients to use this so they see results. (17:50)

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Welcome to More Patients, More Impact, More Income. The podcast for real holistic medical practitioners who want to grow their high impact, high income practice without selling out. Now, here's your host, Chris Axelrad.

Chris: What’s up, beast? What’s up? I’m home, chilling, just working on some stuff. Getting ready to mail out the books that… the copies… I don’t even have one here. They’re all in my office or I’d show you one but we’re getting… I’m just, you know, scrubbing the lists to making them all shiny to send out the books to the people who requested pre-released copies of fertility book coming out called Awakening the Seed and I’m really proud of this book. The longer I kind of… the longer I just… I don’t know, it just started to become real, you know? But something I want to share with you guys… the experience of, you know, you guys may know that I put a post up on my personal wall to tell people about the book, right? [0:01:11.5]

And to let people know that they could sign up for a pre-release copy and it looks like we have some cool people here. We got Mark here, we got Maureen and Joy. Good to see you guys. You’re all still here because Facebook... I don’t know, it’s really weird how they tell me who’s on these videos. It’s probably not even accurate but some… I’m in the process of going through lists and I put this post on my Facebook and I also sent an email out to our patient list and I’m going through this list and I’m gonna tell you man, it’s an emotional thing. It’s actually, you know, tears are coming to my eyes as I’m reading through some of the names that are on this list. People, especially patients that I haven’t seen in literally 10 or 12 years who are ordering my book who I know no longer need the book and just people that, you know, here’s the thing, what I want to get to, the whole point of this video and I know I’m kind of rambling because it’s a little late but we get to do special work, man. [0:02:16.9]

The work we do, the relationships that we get to build with people and, like I always say, you know, if we’re really offering to solve people’s like, real problems that people have, like, problems that are really causing them a lot of pain in their life. Not problems just that people can go to the drugstore and buy a pill and take a pill but problems that just go beyond the surface. When we show up that way and we’re really consistent about that, we really get to be a special part of other peoples’ lives and they get to be a really special part of our lives. You know, to really have that connection with people and to really have that heart censored resonance. [0:03:06.8]

That, just that thing, man, and to have that is such a blessing, such a gift. You know, life if short, right. The life that we experience here on this place we call planet Earth in this thing we call the solar system, which we think we know where we are. We think we know what we’re doing here but we really have no fucking idea. And like my grandfather always said, you know, when… and my mom told me this story. It always blew my mind but, you know, she asked him one day like, where do we go when we die and he said “Well, where were you before you were here?” and she said “I don’t know” and he said “Well, that’s where you’re going.” So, you know, we don’t know what this thing’s all about, right? And in the grand scheme of things it’s always important to remember how small land insignificant we truly are. You know, our ego wants us to believe that we’re so special and that we’re so… and that everything about us is so precious and whatever, but we’re on this tiny, tiny, tiny little speck out in this vast universe and we’re gonna make such an impact on the people that we cross paths with in this vast universe. [0:04:26.2]

Every single one of those people you cross paths with is absolutely, in my opinion, absolutely meant to be there, has absolutely chosen to cross paths with you and you have chosen to cross paths with them and there is so much learning, so much growth and so much connection and so much beauty that can be derived when you understand that and you don’t… you no longer see the people that cross your path and the patients that come into your ecosystem in your clinic and become part of your community and part of your tribe. [0:05:03.4]

You no longer see that as just random. You no longer see that as just luck but as something that’s happening that truly is connected to a much deeper soul level thing, you know? And I’m reading through this list and I’m just seeing all these names and I’m like, “Yo, there’s Amy, you know, and there’s Janet and there’s whoever.” I mean, like, literally people that, again, I haven’t seen or heard from or talked to probably in some cases over a decade and there they are on my list. They want my book and it just feels good, you know? Never forget that that’s why we’re here doing this work. And also, never forget that even though there’s a lot of people out here who will say that what we do isn’t that significant or can’t really actually help people or, it’s just sort of, you know, placebo… whatever they’re gonna say, they don’t really understand the depth that this medicine goes to and they don’t really understand that how profound it is to just sit in a room with another human being. [0:06:14.1]

Like, one of the things that I love about our medicine, I love this about our medicine. To me, it’s what makes it so cool. Like, can you tell I just get excited thinking about this? You know, all we need is a room with a desk, a treatment table and some needles and we can make some amazing fucking shit happen with that, you know? I mean, it’s like, you know as a drummer I can tell you… you know, I can sit down behind a drum set and… that’s another beautiful gift is to be able to communicate on a soul level with music and, you know, you can put me behind a drum set, I don’t need any other instruments and I can start playing a rhythm and if there… and I can get 100, I can get… and I’ve done it, this is how I know, I can get 300 people in a fucking room moving in the same beat just playing a beat on a drum set. [0:07:10.9]

No other sound, no other music, no singing, no vocals, no nothing and to me that’s the beauty in the simplicity of this medicine is that we… again, that’s why I really think of it as a shamanic lineage that we are part of, that we are tapping into the very, you know… we talk about chi and a lot of people, I think, well I think most of us including myself… I’m not claiming to understand what chi really is. It’s such a vast and such a deep concept that I just don’t think it can be understood on a logical and rational level, but you know, that’s what we’re tapping into with our patients. That is what we are guiding. [0:08:00.7]

That is the fabric and the medicine that we are awakening and that’s, hell. Again, the name of my book Awakening the Seed, it’s on purpose because I see chi as a form of something I call… or the concept is something akin to, seed intelligence, which is this concept that you take a seed, this inanimate object, this dormant object that just looks like, you know, a little rock basically. You put it in water, you put it in soil, you give it light and it knows what to do. How does it know what to do? How the hell does a seed know how to become a plant? Well, I don’t know the answer to that question but I just call it seed intelligence and I believe that’s what they meant when they were talking about chi. We all want to talk about chi as energy. I really don’t think that’s what they meant. They meant ying and yang are energy. [0:09:05.4]

Ying and yang are like the holes at the electromagnetic spectrum but chi is like, I don’t know man, chi is like a wavelength, a transmission, a signal from the center of creation like the blueprint of everything. It’s like the sum total of all the energy and all of the meaning and the data and the information that’s imbedded in that. That’s what they meant by chi. To me, that’s what… the closest thing I’ve ever got.
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And that’s what we’re working with in our office. Literally someone can walk in. You know, they go into a doctor’s office or like a, you know, conventional medical doctor’s office, which again, I have nothing against that. [0:10:05.4]

Like, I respect conventional medicine. I respect science. I love science, okay? So I don’t want this to sound like I’m partial one way or the other. I just geek out on the fact that someone can walk into my office and there’s no technological equipment. There’s not a screen. There’s not any kind of like monitors or human-derived technology other than this very high-quality, refined, stainless steel needle and this table where they get to rest. And then, of course, the greatest technology greater than all the technology in medicine, this thing right here. This technology, that’s what we work with. It’s fucking amazing. So, you know, as I’m going through my list to mail out my book… and I’ll go ahead and put in the description of this video the link. [0:11:04.7]

If you want to add your name to that list, because what I’ve decided to do is order a few couple hundred more copies, so feel free to add your name to this list but we are going to start mailing these books out and these will be free, okay. These will be free. I’m not looking to get rich off this book. I have no illusions that I’m not gonna fucking sell some millions of dollars’ worth of this book so I really don’t give a shit. This book is about getting the message out and helping people and if I make a little bit of money, great. You know, the money’s not gonna come from the book. If anything, hopefully the message will catch fire. People will really hear what I’m saying about the power that they have to create life and to create the life that… not only to create a baby, okay, but to create their life, you know? [0:12:02.1]

That’s what this book is really truly all about and there’s a ton of really good stuff in there that’s really practical and medical and you would be able to use it and apply it to any kind of condition, honestly. That’s what my hope is with this book is just to really help people wake up to the beautiful technology that they themselves are, the light that they are because that is what… especially why the people that I work with who are having fertility problems. I mean, if nothing else, man, they’ve forgotten that. You know, a lot of them have forgotten that. You know, the cool thing about this book, honestly, is that… you know, I’ve had it written. It’s been written since 2016. I’ve got news for you, I finished writing it in the summer of 2016 and I’ve been giving it to patients on PDF format on and off since that time and almost all… and this is not a lie. I’m not making this shit up. I would never make shit up like this anyway. [0:13:02.7]

That’s just, like, wrong to make shit like this up, okay, but I’m not kidding you that when I tell you that, you know, just from, you know how it is in clinic. You know the patients, you know who you’re seeing. If I asked you what’s your success rate with frozen shoulder, I mean, you’re gonna give me a guesstimate. It’s probably gonna be pretty fucking accurate, right? Because, I mean you’re the one there. You’re seeing the patients, right? So with this book, I would say 80% of the patients that I gave this book to who actually read the book ended up getting pregnant and I really don’t think that’s an accident because as you’re gonna see, when you get the book, the book is very intentionally designed, very intentionally designed. The language patterns are very intentionally created to… it’s almost like… because right before I wrote this book I read a book about hypnotic writing and I really, I mean, you know, I just read the book. [0:14:02.4]

I didn’t like take a course or anything but, you know, you read the book and you kind of start getting ideas and the book is written in a hypnotic way to really get into the subconscious mind and remind people how powerful they are, not just on an intellectual level but to really talk to this part, talk to their heart, talk to their essence and say “Yo, I know you’re in there. I know you’re in there and I know you remember who you are and I know you remember how bad ass you are and I know you remember that you can do this” and then to give them tools to help, for back of a better term, to cultivate and stabilize and begin to amplify that heart, power, that ability to focus, that ability to simplify, that ability to contact and re-awaken the seed intelligence that guides the entire fertility process, that guides the entire healing process. [0:15:07.2]

Healing is an expression of surplus energy. Healing is an expression of surplus energy and fertility is an expression of surplus energy because why? Fertility is the ultimate healing expression when you think about it, why? And this isn’t to, like, downplay if you don’t do fertility because helping a person heal themselves not just… now granted, of course, relieving symptoms is awesome and I love helping patients feel better. If nothing else, because you know, especially with the fertility stuff, you… it’s just a big fucking black box. You never know if someone’s ever gonna get pregnant no matter what you do so as a fertility practitioner, from the very beginning, like, I’ve completely detached from the outcome and sometimes all they’re gonna get is, like, feeling better and I still feel really good about that and I still love to hear them come back and tell me, you know, “I haven’t had this much energy in a long time. I haven’t slept this well in a long time. [0:16:19.1]

I’m just starting to feel like I can handle stress better. You know, I’m not getting in as many arguments with my spouse.” Whatever it is that they’re experiencing because as they’re tapping into that seed intelligence within themselves, that already knows the fucking answer, you know? And then the next thing you know they’re just like “I don’t know why but I just feel amazing.” And then they’re quitting their job or they’re doing all this shit that I never told them to do because they’re starting to tap into and touch into what they really want, you know? And that happens when you help people strengthen themselves. When you help people strengthen themselves they start to figure shit out on their own. But, fertility is this expression of healing where you’re literally creating, you’re healing a whole new human being. [0:17:09.7]

Like, it… you know the process of healing… if you think about stem cells and embryonic stem cells and all these things, you know you’re looking at how they’re now starting to do treatments with stem cells and they’re starting to really make some advances in that area. Well, what is an embryo? An embryo is a bundle of stem cells and it is literally the healing process embodied. Like, the most powerful healing process embodied is this process of creating a human being so surplus energy, okay, that’s where all healing comes from. So no matter what you’re doing in your clinic, if you want your patients to heal faster, if you want to help them heal more completely you must, must, must teach them how to conserve and, you know, replenish their energy. [0:18:08.6]

And you don’t have to tell them that’s what you’re teaching. If you tell them, “Look, we’re gonna need to replenish and conserve your energy” their brain is just gonna go “whuuu, what? I just want my neck pain to go away, like, what the fuck are you talking about?” So, but what you have to do is you really have to just educate them on simple things like, for instance, going to bed early, getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, drinking plenty of fluids. I mean, these are the basics of nurturing and replenishing our energy. We can’t forget that, can’t forget that. So the more that you’re able to guide your patients in that direction of helping them to build up and generate surplus energy, the faster they’re gonna heal. And that’s why, you know, you can… if you take a patient or somebody who’s really depleted, who’s really tired, who’s really worn down, who has really shitty self-care, you can do acupuncture on them all day long. [0:19:11.9]

They might feel a little better for a little while but they’re not gonna stay better, you know, because they just don’t have the internal power to sustain their body’s own seed intelligence to re-align the blueprint, if you want to call it that. So, just don’t forget that and there you go. So that was all over the place but it all started with me looking at my list for my book and just getting sentimental about all these people that have signed up to get a copy of my book that are on my patient list that still remember me, you know, like a decade later, 12 years later and actually want a copy of my book and I haven’t talked to or seen them, many of them, in years and years. [0:20:01.7]

And it just really helps me to, it just feels good to know that I had an impact on them, you know. And that’s what this work is all about. It’s not about the money. The money comes, man. That’s why the name of this group is More Patients, More Impact, More Income. Not more patients, more income, more impact. Not more income, more patients. It’s very specifically in that order because that’s the order in which it happens. You have to… if you want to have a bigger impact you need more patients then your impact starts to grow and then, as a very natural consequence of that, without you having to worry about it, without you having to think about it, your income begins to grow so focus on your patients and focus on really taking care of your patients, loving your patients, caring about your patients and the rest will take care of itself. I’m out. Peace.

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