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Many real estatepreneurs have been duped into believing they’re only one funnel away from an extravagant lifestyle.
But the truth is that it requires a lot more work than that.
In today’s episode, we’re showing you how to put in the necessary hard work while also slacking off too…
Here Are The Show Highlights:

Why you’re not “one funnel away” from living all your wildest dreams (2:09)
The biggest mistake 99% of real estate investors make that’s keeping them broke (3:35)
How to appear everywhere in a local marketplace without flushing millions of dollars down the drain (10:01)
How to close deals –– especially when your prospect is not ready to buy (10:43)
The lazy man’s secret for stretching a few minutes of content into months of marketing assets (12:04)
Why you don’t need nearly as much content as you think to build successful marketing campaigns (13:55)
How to get away with being lazy in your real estate business (14:48)

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Most real estatepreneurs are leaving money on the table.
In today’s episode, we’re sharing how to leverage your email list to close more deals and build better relationships… while spending less time to do it.… READ MORE

In business, you’re either a mule or a magician.
The mule has been brainwashed to feel proud about his long nights and hard work. Whereas the magician can move mountains without even looking like he’s trying.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurs get too distracted by things that matter in the short term that they ignore everything that matters in the long term.
You can’t build a legacy by always running around like a chicken with his head chopped off.… READ MORE

Hiring employees is scary. You’re personally liable if they don’t work out.
But you need to hire employees if you want to stop driving yourself crazy. And you need employees if you want to build a legacy.… READ MORE

Too many people think they could build and grow a successful business by working more.
But you actually have to learn to work less if you want to build a legacy.
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Growing your business is directly related to growing as a person.
And, it’s easier said than done – especially when you don’t have a clue about what you’re supposed to be doing.
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You don’t get to pick where you started from. You can either use it as fuel to succeed or as an excuse to fail.
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The hardest part about marketing is getting conversions.
You spend boatloads of cash on ads, but only get a tiny percentage of conversions. And there’s a reason for that.
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