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Video marketing is the next big medium for real estate investors to tap into.
But what equipment do you need? How do you write a script? And how do you get people to watch?
We’re answering all those questions today, so sit down and listen up.… READ MORE

You’ll get left in the dust if you’re not adapting your marketing to what your market wants.
But what do they want? And how do you get them to pay attention to you?
Today, we’re answering those questions and talking about how to leverage content marketing to grow your business.… READ MORE

Your clients are lost. They don’t know who to buy from or where to get a good deal.
Unless you lead them straight to your door by giving them a map.
Cool thing is, this map is easy to make. Just start building your “digital footprint” so people can follow it back to you.… READ MORE

Ugly always outsells pretty.
Which means that if you spend 10K on a fancy video ad, you’re going to get ignored. People won’t buy if your ads look fake. You have to be genuine or they’ll scroll past you.… READ MORE

Did you ever have a bully? Someone who took your favorite toy and made sure you couldn’t play with the other kids? It sucks. It makes you feel powerless.
It’s like being an ant: you’re quietly minding your own business when all at once…

For investors, by investors.
You’re listening to the only show on the planet for Real, Real Estate Investors, Wholesalers, Rehabbers, Landlords, Private Lenders, Cash Buyers, Fix and Flippers.  This is Real Estatepreneurs.… READ MORE

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