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I recently got the chance to interview a good friend and great entrepreneur, Marx Acosta-Rubio.
Marx revealed some things a lot of would-be entrepreneurs and marketers will find exciting and/or shocking.… READ MORE

Sup peoples, it’s podcast time again and today,
Today we talk about something which very few people in our space EVER talk about, the “Melt Down”.
In today’s podcast we’ll rap about:
* The Last thing ANYONE wants to hear when they are in the middle of a melt-down.… READ MORE

There’s two schools of thought about breaking even with solo ads.
#1 – Get a good sales funnel and expect to make some of your money back quickly, while banking on getting the rest over the long haul through your follow up.… READ MORE

On today’s episode, I was lucky enough to sit down with online marketing gurus Arien Gessner and Jamie Gros. These guys just so happen to be the marketing and creative directors (respectively) of an online business that most jewelry designers out there are probably familiar with… you guessed it: Rio Grande!… READ MORE


That’s the direction it’s headed anyway.
I’m just suggesting we drop the pretense of ADHD, quit pussy footing around and get on with the inevitable.
It’s crazy… but it just might work.… READ MORE


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope…
Social Media is all the rage these days.
It’s the first thing they teach you in the rookie internet marketing school.
Because it’s the lowest-barrier entry marketing tactic rookies feel comfortable with.… READ MORE



On today’s podcast, I am sharing my personal journey in building websites, increasing online sales, and cultivating lasting relationships.
You should definitely listen to this episode, but if you want to go directly to the source and learn it all from the same place I did (Marie Forleo!), click here to access the FREE training videos.… READ MORE

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