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Show highlights include:

Why copying successful community leaders secretly steals your organic reach (even if you do everything they do). (1:52)

What the ‘Group Insights’ section on Facebook reveals about the kind of party you’re throwing your members.READ MORE

Show highlights include:

Why the most profitable insights about massive Facebook groups come from riding your bike around town. (4:38)
How to use other people’s audiences to grow your dream tribe (without being labeled a ‘Facebook poacher’).READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How to keep your Facebook Group from becoming a desert of inactive members and abandoned content (without being total cookie-cutter). (0:40)
Which “flop members” to delete from your online community – and how to attract the people who value your time and buy from you.READ MORE

Hi! I’m Rachael. I’m a DJ and former nonprofit director who helps digital entrepreneurs create profitable Facebook Groups. All I’ve ever done in real life is bring people together for a common purpose.… READ MORE

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