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Show highlights include:

  • How to strengthen your brand and find the right leads with a little Southern hospitality. (1:20)
  • How to build a legacy and share your message with your world (even if social media shuts down). (4:48)
  • The Southern Way to build a community of people ready to help, connect, and buy from you. (7:30)
  • Why you don’t need hundreds of members and lots of time to make money in your Facebook Group. (11:54)

You've heard the same advice about Facebook Groups everywhere. Ask questions. Add value. But what does it mean? Let me show you what a profitable, engaged, and FUN Facebook Group looks like. AND I’ll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group Rock Your Tribe: Community Building for Entrepreneurs at http://www.rockyourtribe.com/facebook

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what's up? I'm Rachel Spiewak and this is Rock Your Tribe Radio where community, fun, social media and business collide. I firmly believe that parties are the answer to all of life's problems. Seriously. Building a community, bringing people together for a common purpose and serving them, that's your mission as a business owner. Let's make it happen. It's time to rock your tribe.

(00:28): Welcome to the show. This episode is about me and you, your mama and your cousin too. Can you guess where I'm going with this today? You're going to meet another one of my brilliant clients. Shantay Casey, Hudson visibility, strategist and founder of competent and camera ready for coaches and consultants. The Facebook group. When I originally asked to interview Shauntay, I needed to get the story behind how in just 60 days, after taking my Facebook groups masterclass, she did $3,000 in sales in her group with only 34 members. I'm really impressed with this considering how quickly she did it and with such a small community. But you know what, when you hear her explain it, it makes a whole lot of sense. It's really simple. These numbers are the outcome of Shantay, employing our key digital community building blocks that we can apply to any business.

(01:17): I'll break it down for you. Number one, it's having a strong brand and building the community as the brand world. Number two, it's engaging the community members by starting relevant conversations. Number three, mining those conversations for data and using that data to develop irresistible deliverables. Number four, developing a customized community-based funnel and member journey. And number five, the most important building block where if everything else is the science, this is the art intentionally building a culture. Now I got a single this out because I want you to pay attention to it. Shantay is from Virginia and her parents are from South Carolina. I spent my twenties in Atlanta as a student activist and community organizer. And what I can tell you about the south is community is everything. Southern hospitality is real. When my friends and I started our non-profit bicycle repair shop in Reynoldstown Atlanta, what it looked like was hosting potlucks and helping our neighbors fix their bikes in our living room.

(02:18): In other words, you treat everyone like family. That's the Southern culture that Shantae brings to her digital community just by being herself. And by infusing her brand with her vibe and her charm behind all the strategy, the data, the technical stuff what's at the heart of a successful digital community is real life human connection. That's what we do at rock your tribe. We bring that offline connection online because community was, is, and always will be the way forward, but I'll let Shantay fill you in on the details. Are y'all ready? It's one for the money. Yes, sir. Two for the show.

(02:53): Hello everybody. I am Sean tasty Hudson. I am the founder of competent and camera visibility, strategist helping coaches, consultants, and service entrepreneurs to work on building their brand, lift their power of video. My approach to video is that I don't just teach it as a strategy, but as a tool that will get you, not just thing but heard and paid so that you can build the right leads and increase sales with video.

(03:24): It sounds like you actually are confident on camera that we hear delivery. Sounds like you actually do this for a living for a living. And I want to help other female entrepreneurs that do the same, be competent in front of.

(03:38): We need that. Thank you. Thank you for what you do. So let's talk about how we met you. Magically appeared in my Facebook group in November last year and you sent me, I think it was, well, I know it had to have been around November because that's when I got on clubhouse. Yeah, because you got me onto clubhouse and I am forever grateful. Thank you for that.

(04:02): You're welcome. And I can't how it's almost going to be like a year, but yeah. And you had to be in the space I had to, so yeah, it's just, and it's just been a, a vibe ever since between us. So I'm just grateful for you just being here and just offering the value that you bring to all of us as entrepreneurs to really tap into the power of community building. It's been great.

(04:28): Thank you so much for that invitation because it really has been life and business changing for me to get on clubhouse and be a part of the seven digital marketing trends at 7:00 AM with Tamara Mon Louis and fit with CJ. Yes. The information free. So tell us a little bit about your business, but can you tell us some more, what kind of services do you offer?

(04:52): So with confident I can I'm ready. I offer consultative services, my approach with video marketing and what I help coaches and service entrepreneurs to do is to tap into more what I consider robust forms of video. Because a lot of times we can get caught up in the hamster wheel of content creation by putting out there six hop videos, putting out their IgE videos. And a lot of us get stuck at that, what I call part of the funnel. But you have to take people through your journey and you can do that well with Facebook groups, you're taking us through the journey. So it just doesn't stop at, Hey, you can all clubhouse say, join my group. Hey, you don't mind email this, join my group, but you take us through the journey. So we're going to get, you're going to get, get on the email.

(05:39): You know, we own the club house. We're going to get there. If we're in your group, if you're on your podcast, there are just ways to follow you. And with what I do by way of video marketing, with confident and cam ready, I'm just showing women how to tap into your creative genius. To start with the camera, get in front of the video, speak talk, share your services, share your message with ease that you can build your audience, that you can get that engagement, but also they can follow you all parts of social media. So getting off that content hamster wheel of, oh, I got to tick tock myself, oh, I got to reel myself, but there are other ways to really get seen, heard and paid. So tapping into your webinars, your master classes, like you said, doing a summit, doing other forums to really get yourself out there becoming the expert. So that's what confident and camera ready is all about in this digital marketing space.

(06:38): You are a strategist. I think this is part of why we vibe. It's not just about the video. It's not just about the Facebook group, but it's about the whole ecosystem and how you are leveraging social media and not just to sell some stuff, but to really build a brand and build a legacy.

(06:55): Yes, that's what it's about. That's exactly what it's about building your tribe. Like you said, building that legacy that we are, and we say this before, should social media shut down? What do you get? How are you able to still file with you? You know, you're traveling and you talk about that too. Just that ecosystem system piece is important. Let's talk about why you wanted to focus on building a community around your business.

(07:22): Yeah, it was important at this stage of my business now because I want it to be able to get a tribe and a community that I could truly truly build with and that truly needed to grow and leverage their business outside of all of what they're seeing outside of, you know, this person, that person, that person, because sometimes you can get on social media and you said, it's a lot of people that can offer this type of advice. They can offer what they do, but not necessarily what is a right or what does a good fit for your business or for your brand. So I just wanted to pull in a close community of coaches, a close community of service entrepreneurs and just professional women. And just being able to gather them around and have that conversation. I have that engagement piece and just learn a little bit more about them and they learn a little more about me and we just can build from there because I don't have all the answers.

(08:24): I'm not by far. I know everything even in the digital marketing space by way of video. So I just think it's good to have a travel people or just those persons around you, that iron sharpens iron and that you can help, you can connect. And you also can invest with if needed to be wherever you find yourself in your entrepreneurial journey, because we can't do it by ourselves. And I realized I can't do it alone. I don't know it all. I can't. And I think community building in essence for my business has been the genius in why I have built a community and I push my clients to do it as well.

(09:02): Smart. You know, you can send them to me, let's talk about our dirty south connection. Yeah. Yes, because I spent my twenties in Atlanta. That was a big part of my life. And the way that, you know, I was an activist in Atlanta, community builder and a student too. And so when you are politically motivated, living in Atlanta, you know, you tap into a certain legacy and you feel it when you're out there in the streets, you know, we literally marched by, I've been, these are Baptist church for you marched down sweet Auburn avenue. Like it's really, it's really, really real. And so that's a part of what I'm bringing into digital community world is that experience that I was lucky enough to have in Atlanta. So you're from the south too. So we got to talk about how Southern hospitality factors into your business

(09:54): Rocking a digital community. That's the future of marketing. Do you want to get ahead of the curve? Let me show you how to use real life, community building strategies to grow your brand, your authority, and your army of marketers, head over to rock your tribe.com to send me a message let's get this party started.

(10:13): Yeah. So I'm from Virginia born and raised here, but my family, my mom and my dad they're from South Carolina. So just the Southern hospitality piece has always been part of who I am. You know, it, it was one of those types of relationships where everybody is because you, you, you call every bag because everybody's cousin or brother, sister. And with that piece. And I think that's what really attracted me to rocket tribe is just the whole point of just building a community, treating people like family, treating people with respect, integrity, and honesty. And so, because that's just been part of my rearing being here in the south, you know, that Southern bell kind of flow, just bringing that by way of the entrepreneurial space on video, just making that connection to engage with my audience, making them feel comfortable and making them feel like they're part of my world going on this journey with me.

(11:16): I think that is just beautiful. And it just offers a connection in a different way that, you know, just pumped in a Kohl's store, just put it out there, just you know, written posts can't do when you put it in front of a video, you know, you can speak to them in a way that wow, she's talking to me. And so just bringing that Southern hospitality that I bring by way of, you know, my brand and my brand identity. Yeah. It's, it's been real. So yeah, the south is where it's at. Y'all it's present.

(11:45): It's true. Shout out the dirty, dirty, so let's get to the good part. So money story just over two months ago came to this one-hour masterclass that I did two months later, a pop up with, I made $3,000 in my Facebook group in the last 60 days with 34 members of my group. Can you please tell us what did you do? What happened

(12:11): Before coming into your community? Yeah, well, yeah, even let me backtrack here. So before coming to your community, I had three Facebook groups. Let me say that over the past year, June 26 was actually my year anniversary in the digital marketing space. So during that time doing podcasts and go video podcasting, I had three Facebook groups. They were like maybe close to 300, no less. Didn't make any money. Second Facebook group, I had a hundred didn't make any money, had one that was 50. Didn't make any money, have the Facebook group. Now I made $3,000. And part of that was because I was not afraid to show my expertise by way of introducing a sale, introducing an offer the other times, I didn't know, or have a clear indicator, what I wanted to do. I just had a Facebook group because it was just the thing that everybody did.

(13:19): But in taking your masterclass, I was able to get more comfortable with also making the sale. So yes, providing the value to my room. Yes. Showing that expertise, yes. Offering engagement, but closing the sale. And I think that what helped me out a lot to book that $3,000 was yes, with your masterclass, you give us the strategy, but I was able to implement my own system. And so in doing that and posing myself as the expert in video and sat in selling, okay, I have a class on video and that, oh, I have a class on this or that I was able to make the sale. And the unique thing about that, Rachel too, was the people that brought from me were the ones that didn't engage the most. It was like getting crickets in the group. But when I gave the scale, it was like, oh, Hey, I'm gonna roll.

(14:23): And not only that they share outside of the group as well. So I had people who are, I'm not even Facebook friends with and who weren't even part of the group that took advantage of the offer too. So from doing that, it was about six or seven people that enrolled in that offer. But from there, I pulled two people for a high ticket offer. So you don't need a lot of people. And your masterclass really hones in on that, that you don't need a lot of people to make money. You really don't. You just have to give the offer, just give it because you, I'm not going to say you'll never know what you'll even be surprised, but the people are part of your group. So why wouldn't they in your master class, you were just talking about just checking analytics, all of that, just all of those pieces helped me to create that system to boom, make that sale and build that class based on what my audience or what whatnot, what the members were telling me. They wanted the feedback that I was getting, the questions, all of that, taken all of that. And boom. So even before the actual class or the offer was solidified, just putting it out there and it wasn't pulling teeth at all.

(15:37): That's amazing. So you ran a group class based on polling, your community, finding out what they wanted to know, teaching them exactly what they wanted to learn and then upselling a few of them. That's the whole thing. It's not even that complicated. And it was not hard to give that upsale because they've had that. I would say that higher taste, if you will, you know, you give them the appetizers, we get the appetizers. Then when you roll in the class, you know, you kind of get that main course, but then the high ticket you get the full

(16:10): And people just asked, what more can we do? Can I work with you more? Absolutely. How can I work with you more? How can I get closer? You know, that has such, if we move with, I was so happy for you, how does it feel? It feels like freedom, financial freedom. Oh my God. I have the power to be my own CEO and that worked for somebody else.

(16:36): That's what I'm talking about. That makes my heart so happy. And so I'm just so very proud of you and really, really, really impressed. I think this is a record among my clients. I think that's the highest sale value in the shortest period of time with the smallest group. Yeah. So far possible. It is possible. So that was the money story. And it's so good. It's so, so good. So how has this transformed your business

(17:12): In his transform my business to the point, I don't look at community building the same at all. Prior to being part of rocket SRAP, I just was part of groups and, oh, it's nice. I would read a couple of posts, but for me now, community building really can be a lead generator. It really can be a networking of partnering. Like I said, you know, the money is in the space. You really don't have to go outside and look any further. And it's, it's just taking it to another model for me because now I'm able to meet people from other social media platforms who may have questions who may be interested or who want to collaborate. And it's like, Hey, come on over. I'm able to nurture my email list to say, Hey, I'm going to talk about this more here. I'm able to, whether it's my video podcast or the audio is, Hey, fall away. I became the confident and camera ready. So it's just another additive to really positioning myself as an expert in my niche and to really communicate with my audience. So this is definitely something I would recommend to any entrepreneur in this space. You need a tribe, you need a community.

(18:32): It's not about just starting a Facebook group because that's the thing you do. You have an online business, started Facebook group. Okay. And so what you use it to build your tribe of not just people that you could sell to, like y'all are selling stuff, but everybody's a potential partner in your business and it's all helping you build your brand authority. And so we can kind of work both sides of the coin. Like literally, you know, we're selling to people in our group, but also we can leverage the stuff for bigger contracts outside of our Facebook groups, because we've got our army of marketers who are spreading the word about us, who are helping us shape our talking points and helping us get the word out there. So thank you for being in my world and in my life. And for joining me on this masterclass and for taking it and for running with it because you killed it

(19:23): Has been golden. Like I said, I've never, I haven't seen Facebook communities the same since Rocky jive. So yeah, it makes them so where can people find you? You can find me on Facebook. My community is confident and camera ready. That is confident in camera. Ready? You can also family on Instagram, confident cam ready, cam ready. Also, I have a website which is www dot Sean Stacy, hudson.com. That's mundane, Sean, Stacey, hudson.com. And you can follow me there. I have a podcast, so you can go there and just follow more, see more of what I have by way of video marketing. Fantastic. Okay. So now

(20:14): We're going to do the outro. So I'm going to say my thing and then I'm going to it get to you and you're going to stay you rock. So coming to set it up.Thank you so much for being here and as always you Bri,

(20:33): This is ThePodcastFactory.com

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