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Show highlights include:

  • How to pick a launch strategy that elevates the offer and keeps a community engaged. (1:45)
  • The biggest indicator you are ready to do a launch inside your Facebook Group (and not as a side pop-up page). (7:58)
  • Why treating your launch like an ice glacier attracts an army of engaged buyers. (14:05 )
  • How to attract the loyal members who grab your every offer. (15:25)
  • How to run your launch to the perfect audience (instead of the members who can’t relate). (16:34)
  • The ‘Lollapalooza’ approach to connecting with others on camera and improving your launch skills. (21:08)

You've heard the same advice about Facebook Groups everywhere. Ask questions. Add value. But what does it mean? Let me show you what a profitable, engaged, and FUN Facebook Group looks like. AND I’ll pop the hood for you so you can see exactly how I do it. Join my Facebook group Rock Your Tribe: Community Building for Entrepreneurs at http://www.rockyourtribe.com/facebook

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What's up? I'm Rachel Spiewak and this is Rock Your Tribe Radio where community, fun, social media and business collide. I firmly believe that parties are the answer to all of life's problems. Seriously. Building a community, bringing people together for a common purpose and serving them, that's your mission as a business owner. Let's make it happen. It's time to rock your tribe.

(00:28): Welcome to the show. Let's talk about launches. I mean, big launches, not just a sales post, or even a series of sales posts. I'm talking about the kind of launches where you use a launch vehicle, like a five day challenge, the kind of launches where participants register on a landing page, enter into an email sequence and maybe even sign up for a chat bot, a big launch. Can you do that in an evergreen, always open, free Facebook group. Typically, when we do launches on Facebook, we use a pop-up group instead. I've tried it both ways launching inside my group and in a pop-up group. And for me, I've had a lot more success and a lot more fun doing my launches inside my free evergreen, always open Facebook group. I'm running my signature launch event. Live video Palooza from August 23rd through August 27th, 2021. And this time it's a really big launch.

(01:29): There's a landing page and email sequence, a chat bot, workbooks affiliates ambassadors. There's no way I could do all of this on my own. So I brought in the world's greatest launch strategist, Sue Shmita Jane, to help me and what she's done so far to execute my vision. I am just so grateful. The event hasn't even happened yet, but I had to bring her on the podcast to talk about big launches and what it takes to run one in your free evergreen, always open Facebook group. When conventional wisdom says do it in a pop-up group. Are you ready to find out? Wait before we jump in register now for live video Palooza, where you're invited to go live for five minutes in my Facebook group to introduce yourself and your business to 1900 awesome entrepreneurs, go to rock your tribe.com/l B P and register. Okay, now let's meet sushi and get her take on launching in your Facebook group and bonus. You're going to hear her birds chirping in the background. Now we're ready. Here we go. So we're talking about launching stuff in your Facebook group, because a lot of what I talk about is your day to day Facebook group things about growing it, monetizing it, of course engaging it. And we do that day in day out evergreen style, but sometimes we launch stuff, which is what I'm doing. And this time I have help from sushi, my launch manager, but you're really a business scaling expert. So will you tell everybody about yourself?

(03:01): And I am Suge, I am a business strategist. I do work with business owners on how they could, you know, scale their businesses. So that's where the headline came up with the business giving expert. And plus I run an outsourcing agency very actively. We are the most specialized in running launches and especially running stress-free launches because we have our own system around it and how we have come up with it. Well, we evoked with like, I'm sure I can say a dozen plus launches by an account because I have lost the count and I have no idea, like not seeing it in an egotistical way, but seriously, the way we have been running launches, I have surprised myself as well initially because we sometimes run even more than one or two or sometimes even three launches in the same week. And we are just, you know, having fun then rather just being like, you know, headless chickens, having no idea what's happening.

(04:00): So when it comes to launches, we have our different styles and strategies, like Rachel said, when it comes to the current launch, I'm working with literature, it's going to happen in this Facebook group itself. Whereas most of the time we have launches, which either sometimes happen on the Facebook profile itself, or sometimes it will happen in special pop up Facebook groups as well. So every time there's going to be a different style and different strategy around it, but what matters is in the entire journey, making sure you have your audience or those who are participating, you keep them engaged because that's what ultimately it is about, right?

(04:43): His famous can I tell you, I pop in and out of my community members, challenges, launch events all the time. It reminds me when I was deejaying for a living and I would go to the bar or another friend was deejaying. And I don't feel like I'm an actual patron of the bar. I feel like I kind of work there. I'm kind of like part of the team. So I kind of float in and out of my friend's challenges just to see what's happening. And every single time sushi is the mastermind behind all of the tech and keeping everything running. So it's true. You really are famous. You are the go-to person for a launch management, you support a lot of different kinds of digital communities. Is this what you originally planned to do in your business?

(05:30): Actually, no. I'm someone who initially thought like I'm, you know, I'm an introvert who doesn't love being around people, but the more I got to know myself at, there was a certain point of time when I was actually just strategizing how to build even a business from building a community point of view. So like, you know, how you can work on, you know, brand loyalty management and how you can get more seats just on, you know, your like loyal community of followers clients, or, you know, just, just subscribers different names obviously for that. But there was a time when I was doing that with as well. So I have, you know, like, I don't know, I'm someone who still is kind of knowing myself as well on the journey, but he has, I never, ever thought I would be a community builder. And this is something very interesting because I'll be honest.

(06:25): And I'm seeing this right now in front of you. I have tried to run my own Facebook group or my own Facebook community, but I am in lake literally involved in so many communities and I'm actively involved in them in some way or the other that I sometimes do find it difficult to run my own community, but I would rather be in other communities and, you know, help others. And, you know, be that person who even makes sure the tiniest details are being taken care of, like literally sit two hours or one and a half hours from now. There's one more launch, which is right now running with one of our clients and you know, her she's Amy. And there was a really small, tiny detail, which was like for a second missed out. And I literally caught it up and I'm like, okay, this needs to be changed. And that is going to literally elevate anyone's experience when they are going through that challenge as well. So it's like all of these details when I look at them for others, it's very easy for me, but for my own stuff, I am a perfectionist kind of person. So then I do try and hold myself back when it comes to sometimes implementing all of my own stuff is on sale.

(07:39): Well, it takes a lot of different kinds of people to participate in a community. There's not just the figurehead leader of the community, but there's all the different kinds of members and there's all different ways to participate. So I think the role that you play in community is so very needed. So let's just talk about launching. I am doing my big launch event, live video Palooza. It's coming up at the end of the month, August 23rd to 27th. So everybody is invited to go live in my group, rock your tribe, community, building for entrepreneurs for five minutes. I'm going to give you questions. You can answer, and that's going to be your script. You're going to get a chance to introduce yourself, your business. You can pitch your offers. You can invite everybody to your Facebook group. We have 1900 people in the group right now.

(08:27): So that's a whole lot of people that you can invite into your Facebook group for free. You can do this in my group at the end of the month. So it's a, a lot of fun. We've done this a whole bunch of times in here, and every time I've done it so far, I've just done it. Just me just running it on my own, doing what I think, what I feel like doing honestly, and this time, because I've had all of this organic success with it. I thought now it's time to put some technical muscle behind it, get some organization with it and really launch a product with it. And so that's when I reached out to Sue. So if you want to register for live video Palooza, go to rock your tribe.com/l V P go register. That's going to get you on the list and you'll get chatbot updates and all sorts of cool things to keep you on track with it.

(09:15): So sushi, I wanted to ask you, you know, we are hosting this in my evergreen free Facebook group, always open people can join at any time. The conventional wisdom about five day challenges, which is, this is kind of related to, it's not really a five day challenge, but we're using some of the five day challenge modality for it. The conventional wisdom says, do your five day challenges in a pop-up group because of all of these benefits, everybody is there for a reason. They know why they're all there. You can track your metrics. So would you say, I mean, do you normally do launches inside free Facebook groups?

(09:54): This is a really interesting strategy that we are applying here because we've done launches and free Facebook groups, but the groups are very small and I'll be honest. The groups weren't as engaged as this one. So just being honest about that. And secondly, what happens with, you know, with this event, what we are going to do is going to be something which is going to be obviously mindblowing, but what happens when we have a lot too many people going live and sharing all the amazing information, introducing themselves with each other, it's going to have like a really amazing domino effect as well. Now what happens when you have things done in a pop-up group, ultimately, you're going to invite them at the end of the five day experience to your own Facebook group as well, which is going to be a free Facebook group. And also there are going to be people who are going to put chase in for lik product or the membership or causes whatever is being offered as well.

(10:57): So it differs what's done and how it's done. But what happens also is that I also seen how different the hosts are when they're hosting their free Facebook groups and how your Facebook group is hosted as well. So there's a lot of difference between that. And there's a lot of difference between even the strategies you apply in your free Facebook group, from what other people do apply as well. So that's the reason why I am definitely sure we're going to get different results in your Facebook group, free Facebook group. Then the others where we did have launches in their free Facebook group and then maximum launches were in separate pop up Facebook groups. And there were few which were just on the, you know, Facebook profile, et cetera. Like you said, there are going to be few bits and pieces really in, from the five day challenges, style or the strategies or systems, but it's totally going to be different. It's not going to be the same experience at all. And yeah, it's going to be a fun one and everyone has to experience it because I did. I'm going to be short. I mean, honest about this as well. Like last time I did just check it out as a lurker. And at that point of time, I was not even having any idea that I would be managing it next time, but it's like literally so much fun managing it from the backend and I will be participating too. So it's going to be so much

(12:24): Fun. Yeah. Well, I'm happy to have you aboard. Can I tell you, I'm gonna share some background, insider information about live video Palooza. The last time I ran it, I ran it because I got a reminder from Facebook that it had been a year since I did it the last time. And I was like, oh my God, it's been a year. I should do that again. That's it. I didn't think it through as a launch event, I thought of it as something fun to do high engagement, just a fun thing to do in my Facebook group. At the same time I was doing Stasia Petrova is five day challenge about launches. And on day one, we're talking about the different launch vehicles, your options for a webinar or a five day challenge, or all the different sort of conventional launch vehicles. And I thought as I was doing things, oh my God, what I'm doing right now actually is a launch vehicle. I better sell something. So then I had been thinking about doing a masterclass about Facebook groups, just thinking about it. And so I decided, you know what, I'm going to pre-sell that, that's what I'm going to launch off of this. And I'll schedule it far enough in the future. That by the time that date rolls around, I'll have my together to teach that class.

(13:40): And I sold it out. I sold out all 25 seats in that masterclass off of the live video Palooza. I did last time when I was just doing it, just to do it when it took me 24 hours to realize, holy, this is actually a launch event on par. It could be on par with a five day challenge. If I implemented all of this structure and got some help. So that's what happened.

(14:04): And I was actually managing stash as challenged at that point of time. And obviously the one after that too, because we will on her stuff. So yeah, Z too many interconnected thoughts guys. And so here's the thing with challenges, the way you run it. So basically it's like a glacier, you know, you can just see the tip of the iceberg, but there's a lot of many things behind it. So like when we are also working on just the tiny bits and pieces, whether it's, you know, something like what is going to be descriptive, which is going to be given what I'm going to be, maybe the workbooks, we have to also brainstorm about it behind the scenes, because we just not going to give anything random, but it has to be something which is going to help you guys. And that to be really well thought because it's not just about, oh, okay, go live, do this. But it's also about go live, do this and how it's going to help you actually attract the right people who will connect with you and what you have to offer either in your Facebook group, either, you know, the paid promo that you're going to share, or just view as a personal brand, why people do also want to follow you

(15:20): Rocking a digital community. That's the future of marketing. Do you want to get ahead of the curve? Let me show you how to use real life, community building strategies to grow your brand, your authority, and your army of marketers. Head over to rock your tribe.com to send me a message. Let's get this party started

(15:38): Because there's always one thing. People are going to follow you for different reasons. Some are going to follow you because they want to purchase from you something. Some are going to follow you because they just like you as a person. And maybe they know someone else could just generally refer you back to, or some just literally like you. And they are not thinking about something right now at this moment, but they just like you as a person, they met you and they want to start following you. And then they will become your friends. Or they'll just be someone who is following you because you are kind of person just like celebrities. You don't purchase anything and everything, a celebrity endorsers, but you still follow them, you know, kind of like that. So just think about it, you know, and this is all the kinds of things we keep in mind as well when we are working on different aspects of different bits and pieces of the launches as well.

(16:32): So, well, you know, if someone's got an evergreen Facebook group that's positioned for this kind of launch, like if somebody reached out to you based on this interview and said, sushi, I want to work with you. I want to launch something inside my evergreen, always open, free Facebook group. What kind of requirements are you looking for?

(16:52): So first and foremost, obviously I'll have to check their Facebook group out because you know, sometimes it's far more better to either have it as a separate popup group because based on how their Facebook group has been handled and until now, or would actually be linked to people who are already in the Facebook group, would they be interested in what's been, or what would we offer as the next upcoming launch where the person is thinking about? Because sometimes people are either switching directions and then they feel that, oh, I have these many people already are. So should I just see promoting an upcoming event to your current audience is different, but actually running an entire event to an audience who does not resonate at all, what you're offering. That's a really big no-no. So that needs to be kept in mind then. Plus what needs to also be kept in mind is that if still the audience is correct, but the group hasn't been actually handled really well for a certain amount of time.

(17:57): Unfortunately, even if we actually might say that, you know, the algorithm is and stuff, if people are not going to get notifications, if the group hasn't been literally worked out well by someone or by the person who is already running the group, there's no point in running the launch there, but rather it would be better to have a separate pop-up group, tranche, the, run, the launch there and get back people from the launch in your Facebook group, the evergreen one, and then maybe stra like try and engage back. Everyone who's already in the Facebook group. So always there going to be different factors which need to be checked out the audience. Can't be in those who you want to attract. What's your offer about? And plus, how do you want it to be run? Do you think that if even sometimes people think that, you know, it could be just running the evergreen Facebook group and then is that actually a safer option or are you just doing it because you don't want to go through the hassle of having a separate group and then trying to manage your current group for the five days as well.

(19:06): Don't try and cut corners guys. You know, it's your community, look at it as a community. And it's an investment always. When ever you are looking at your audience or your in, you're thinking about your audience, look at them in a way where you do realize that they are an investment and you're not just investing your time and efforts, but they're also investing their time and efforts in you and what you have to offer. So when it's a two way relationship, that's when you're going to get the best desserts. Otherwise it's not going to be like the amazing, magical relationship the way it should be.

(19:47): So, yeah, I think that's really good advice. And we have to think about traffic flow. It's almost like thinking about sales funnels and SEO, you know, how are people finding us? Where do we want them to go next? So typically with five day challenges, we're coming from with the pop-up group, the idea is we're growing our audience. We're looking for new people. We're attracting them with this really cool high vibe, outcome oriented five day experience, mostly new people, right? And then they go, it's like a theme park, right? They go on all the rides and then exit through the gift shop. So they're not going to buy something from you in the gift shop, right? Cause there's always an offer. They're going to just hang out in the free Facebook group, kind of the lobby now until you do the next event. And we're turning this around through my group.

(20:34): And I think this is where my Facebook group strategy comes in handy. That's what we're building. We're building these super engaged, growing on autopilot, Facebook groups, where our members buying stuff from us and we're structuring our offers in a way that we know exactly what our members want. And I think that's, what's going to be the difference between a group admin. Who's able to run a launch inside their group versus somebody who would be better off having a pop-up group suit. Are you having fun working with me on live video Palooza? Of course I am. Should entrepreneurs register for live video Palooza?

(21:17): Well, that too many reasons why they should actually be honest about that. So first and foremost, if you are someone who has been literally like scared and you know, I've been a band's thinking about going live and having a conversation we're having right now. We have been there too. You know, there has been always a time in our life where we were scared to, you know, even hit that go live button. We were scared to dream and think of, oh my God, what's going to happen. If people come and watch us or be like, what's going to happen if you go live and no one watches us as well. So right now you have been hanging out with all of these people who are already part of the Facebook group and you know, like some of them. So just think about it as if you are going to have like a video call with the people, you know, and it's a body.

(22:15): So it's a body guys first and foremost. So you're in a party you're out there. You just going to have your spotlight for five minutes and you just going to, you know, connect with few new, more people and they're going to be cheerleaders while you're already friends in the community, sharing for you in the comment section. So it's going to be all fun. And is the thing, once you hit that goal life button five minutes, it's gonna literally be like, you know, one snap and five minutes and on. So if you want to get started with live video, I know that's a really long answer, but that's how that answers. You know? So one, if you want to get started with video and start connecting with the audience, this is a really good platform to get started with a really amazing experience. And then you can have actually fun doing live videos.

(23:08): Second, you're going to get a lot of people who will like you and start following you as well. So you grow your audience. That's point number two and point number three, you just get to have fun. So there has to be one reason, which is just, you know, to be you to have your fun. And I'm going to say this, if you even up in five minutes, that's fine. That's just going to be some memory. You remember, I have literally killed the people's names while I was live once. And my friends make fun of me for that still it's been years, but it's a really amazing fun memory for us. And we just laugh about it. And that's what matters. We having fun during the journey. So whatever be the reason, or if you just want to work on like your, I don't know, to scale. And you just want to overcome that, go ahead. Just go live. And I can keep on talking about this, but yeah, [inaudible]

(24:09): Well, I want to point out for me as a business owner and as a group admin and the leader of a community to hear somebody that I'm working with, somebody on my team, somebody who's taking work off of my hands to hear you explain my stuff and to be passionate about it and to completely understand where I'm coming from with it and to talk about it. Like it's your own baby in a way it's such a relief for me, because me type a personality outsourcing has been really challenging. And so to hear you explain my vision and explain my event as if it's your own, right, and you completely understand it, you're a hundred percent behind it. This is an incredible experience for me. Let's start wrapping this up is where can people find you and feel free to pitch us something,

(25:03): But you can obviously find me on my Facebook profile. And apart from that, actually I'm coming up with a very special freebie biggest, I know a lot of many people have been asking me about this and I know how it can actually help a lot of people as well. So it's going to be a freebie, which will help you understand seven ways. You can run a stress free launch. So what may be 17 tiny changes you can make so that you can run a stress free launch. And I've seen people literally pulling their hair off. When running on one side, I don't want people to do that because the more you're going to love running your launch, the more launches you're gonna run and the more lives you're going to change. And the more your life is also going to change and become more easier.

(25:50): And the more, obviously you love your work, you're going to have fun doing it. And for me, fun matters. So, yeah. I'm a workaholic. So for me, my ideology of fun is also working sometimes. So yeah, that's me. But anyways, my freebie upcoming film, it's not ready yet. So I know, sorry, slightly. You'll have to wait for that, but it's going to be out soon. So I will share the link in the description or in the comments, wherever I can, which will get you on the waiting list for the freebie guys. So here are seven ways you can make your launch stress free. You guys need this in your life. Fun. My experiences guys. So after running so many launches and I've lost the concept, Do you have any shout outs? Oh yes.

(26:40): I do have some shout outs actually. So like when it comes to giving shout outs, I would definitely, you know, like, because we have had this entire conversation around communities, I'm going to be honest when it comes to shout out, I would definitely love to give shout outs to those who are really close to me. And those who are like, not just my inner in a community, but they're like the people who cannot anymore imagine my life without. So it's post as my best friend they're in Danks because, oh my God, like I said, I'm a workaholic, right? So sometimes I just lose the sight of myself, my health, but he's the one who will always make sure that, you know, he'll be there for me or, you know, he'll be reminding me that that's it, you know, you should take care of yourself. So yes, that's what friends are for.

(27:35): So then gets the first child out. Next one goes to Guna because, oh my God, that woman, she's another one. You know, she's like another level how she helps me. She's like, whenever I need someone to, you know, have like a really like a deep conversation with whether it's personal stuff, whether it's, you know, professional work. So that's gonna be my second shadow. Then these are like the most, really important people on my life. From the online perspective. Obviously I'm going to give, shout out to my husband. Isn't, he's not someone who is that visible, but yeah, I am doing and managing all of this because he's someone who did understand right from the beginning, what I was trying to do when, you know, a lot, many people did understand around me. So he does deserve like a really huge shout out as well. Apart from that, there's going to be tears because yeah, she she's someone who did actually sometimes, initially when I was not sure on my, some of my ideas, she gave me that push when I needed, and then there's gonna be, I think Hannah, because, oh my God, I, I cannot imagine I haven't met this woman all these years, but just few months ago.

(28:56): But yeah, she's, she's really amazing. She's like one of those people when you meet them in your life, and then you're like, oh my God, why, why did this person take so much time to come in my life? You know, she's that kind of person. And then obviously I want to shout out all of you guys who I work with to all the launches have been running because you guys, whether it's you, whether it's Katie, whether it's Amy, whether it's, you know, there's launches, we actually ran as well. My buddies, well, I guess we should go down. So I do, like, I definitely want to give, shout out to all of the amazing business owners. I do work with Israel because you guys give me ideas while I'm working on them and help me elevate what I'm offering, because that's ultimately what my model is to make sure that what we are offering and there's always room for improvement.

(29:57): And there's nothing wrong with that because sometimes people look at it in a really bad way that maybe what you're offering, isn't that great. And that's the reason why it needs an improvement. It's nothing like that. Even tech keeps on improving around us and that's because even if it's spot on right now, there's always room for some improvement. So all of you guys, you know, like you, Amy, Katie dares, and then there's Tasha, you know, all of you guys. And plus there are a lot, many people, but I don't remember everyone's names, but yes, you guys, you also deserve a shout out because obviously otherwise my work and how I train my team and what things I train my team with Israel, wouldn't actually be possible because that's the reason why the more you are in the field and the more you're working on things, the more you can improvise them, CS one, shout out for you guys as well. So,

(30:54): Well, thank you. It makes sense. You would have a lot of shout outs cause you literally work with everybody. That's said, if I start saying everyone's name, it's going to be a really long list, but yes. Well I think I could

(31:08): Speak on behalf of everybody who works with you by saying, thank you. We couldn't do this without you. Now we're going to do, we're going to do the outro. So I'm going to say my thing, kick it to you. And you're going to say you rock. Okay? Ready places, everybody. Thank you so much for being here. And as always, you love

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