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Video has quickly become one of the most vital assets to the success of a business. When you have the right video content out in the world, your prospects and clients feel like they know you before you ever meet.… READ MORE

The world of marketing is full of smoke and mirrors. From phony industry awards to hyped-up marketing, it’s hard to tell the professionals from the scammers.
In this episode, marketing agency owner Jason Swenk discusses how to separate fact from fiction in agency marketing and why understanding marketing can save you time and money, especially when hiring someone else to do it for you.… READ MORE

In golf, business, and life there are statistics that hold the key to getting to the next level. The problem is determining the stats you need to track. Chase the wrong stats and you’ll never make any progress.… READ MORE

A good website grows your brand, lets you stand out and brings you new customers. But most websites suck—even if agencies charge thousands for them. If your website isn’t clear, persuasive and on-brand, you lose out on thousands of potential customers.… READ MORE

Whether you run a golf course, a brewery or another craft beverage company, you’ll make most of your money from local customers.
People on the other side of the country won’t walk into your taproom anytime soon.… READ MORE

When you’re on top of the search results, SEO is fun. Google sends you free traffic without lifting a finger. But if you’re on page 7 of Google, most people never hear about you. And when you’re not seeing results, it’s hard to justify spending money, time and effort on improving your SEO.… READ MORE

Craft beer marketing is constantly changing. What worked in 2018 doesn’t work in 2020. And what works today won’t work tomorrow.
If you don’t adapt, you get left behind. But if you execute what works, you can grow your business, no matter what’s happening around you.… READ MORE

Marketing, branding and storytelling are sexy topics. They’re fun and grow your business. But if you slack off on the “boring” fundamentals, your business might go under before you get to the fun stuff.… READ MORE

There are thousands of marketing agencies who’d gladly cash a check from you. The problem: Most of them don’t know what they’re doing.
They’ll plan a strategy for you, charge thousands in ad spend to your credit card—and disappear when none of it gets results.… READ MORE

Hundreds of people want to tell you how to market. They all sell tactics, hacks and tools that worked for them.
But what works for them might not work for you.
You’ll only know what works by testing and watching your numbers.… READ MORE

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