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When you think of marketing in today’s day, email, social media and SEO commonly spring to mind. All these new-age internet marketing strategies cloud many people’s memory – there was in fact a time before this new digital marketing era.… READ MORE

Today, social media is one of the most influential tools in your business’s marketing arsenal. Do it correctly, and you’ll create a strong connection with your prospects and customers. But most marketers and business owners often make the big mistake of diving head first into social media without a strategy.… READ MORE

In recent years, social media has exploded and driven many businesses to put a huge focus on their social media marketing.
Today, more of people’s time is spent on social media than ever before, and because the barrier to entry is set so low, it’s relatively easy for businesses to begin using social media to grow their brand.… READ MORE

Time is your most valuable asset. No matter what you do, you can’t buy it back. Unlike money and other resources, you can’t SPEND time then go and earn more of it. It’s not there to buy, rent or borrow.… READ MORE

As technology progresses in today’s modern day, it’s of a widespread belief that businesses must take advantage of this technology to stay ‘successful’ and easily accessible to customers.
Modernizing goes much deeper than simply upgrading your computer or downloading the latest update.… READ MORE

As technology progresses in today’s modern day, it’s of popular belief that businesses must take advantage of this technology in order to stay ‘successful’ and easily accessible to customers.… READ MORE

When talking about community within the context of social media, it can have lots of different meanings depending on who you ask which creates confusion for the majority of craft beer and golf brands/businesses.… READ MORE

Facebook plays a critical role in the success of most businesses today.
It’s a fantastic way to connect with your customers and share information about your business – almost instantaneously. But recently, Facebook’s organic reach has been steadily declining, dying a slow, painful death which has made it harder than ever to reach people organically.… READ MORE

The heart and soul of any brand is deep-rooted in human connection. You’re dealing with people, solving their problems and providing a great customer experience.
A great story gives your brand a living, breathing pulse.… READ MORE

Welcome to The Taps And Tees Show: The podcast dedicated to showing people passionate about golf and craft beer, the no BS way of marketing their brand in a noisy online world to get real results.
In this pilot episode, your host Marty Mcdonald talks about his marketing agency; Bad Rhino Inc, his love for all things beer and golf, as well as an insight for future shows to come.… READ MORE

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