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The power of email marketing is unquestionable. You can create a community of the best customers, build an authentic brand platform of brand recognition, and do it all while still having time to golf (or down a few beers).

But most entrepreneurs sending emails that don’t look like ‘preachy sales letters‘’ is where most entrepreneurs fail. – and fail.

In this episode, Bombtech Golf CEO and co-founder of Ecom Growers Tyler Sullivan discusses what makes email marketing authentic to a thriving business and the truth about developing relationships through an inbox.

Show highlights include:

  • The “accidental entrepreneur” approach to building a brand in a competitive space instantly. (0:40)
  • How to have the conversations that attract loyal buyers and sell at seven-figure rates today. (8:28)
  • Why no one responds to your emails and how send authentic emailsto have the authentic approach to your inbox that offer (and sell)s a product everyone loves. (17:12)
  • How to instantly engage with your community and launch products and offers (without feeling cheesy). (19:28)

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You are listening to the Taps and Tees Show, weekly conversations for people passionate about marketing, golf and craft beer. Marty is the cofounder of Bad Rhino, an award-winning digital marketing agency helping golf and craft beer brands get real results in social media marketing. Here is your host, Marty McDonald. [00:21.7]

Marty: All right, everyone, welcome to another episode of Taps and Tees and welcome to 2021. This one of our first episodes of the year, and I'm pretty excited to catch up with a gentleman that I talked to a few times. Wow, it feels like forever ago. It's probably like these six, seven years. And just having like some general conversations about, you know, golf and about things going on in e-com and all that. And you know, he's been out there grinding away doing his own thing. I think the first time I talked to him, he talked about his brand and I said, yeah, I said, I've seen that brand. And I said, it's just some big dude just cranking drives into a net. And he's like, yeah, that's me. And I always remember that. And I'm very happy to have Tyler Sullivan on the show today. Tyler is founder of BombTech. Maybe you're familiar, maybe you're not. And he also runs Ecom Growers where he has helped Shopify owners add six, seven figures in additional sales. [01:18.1]

So, we're going to talk a little golf, a little marketing today. But where Tyler has been, he's been able to learn a formula for running successful profitable e-commerce businesses, right. Which is huge in 2021 with everybody being online and all the changes in the world, but he, where he really focuses in on and this is what I love about when he launched his brand is, he has real conversation with customers and potential buyers, and he's pulled that into his agency, but I really, really always was impressed about how he communicated with his audience when he first started out. And I let him talk about that a little bit more, but the way he does communicate is something that we're going to focus in on when you're listening to this. And then when you go search out Tyler out there on the internet, cause he's focused on customer experience and then bringing people into that community where he's not just like hitting them over the head with selling, but he's also talking to them and working with them and explaining products and educating, which is huge in a customer journey online today. So, without any further ado, Tyler, are you there? [02:19.1]

Tyler: Here man. I'm so pumped to be here. Thanks for having me.

Marty: No problem. I'm excited to have you, so anything I missed there, anything you want to add there and tell everybody what you're all about.

Tyler: You killed it there. That was a great intro, I mean, I'm an accidental entrepreneur. I'm a golfer first and know I stumbled onto a man. And I think when we spoke, you know, like, man, I, I can't remember six, seven years ago. I was, I'm not that smart. So, I was just trying to wrap my head around and talk to smarter people than myself, you know and see if I could learn something and it took me a while, but you know, we've got a great product and I was very fortunate and lucky to just document what I was doing on Facebook and be transparent. And that has allowed us now, I think we're up to almost 500,000 golf clubs sold and it's, you know, 2020, you know, it's such a stressful year with the world and I hope everyone out there is healthy and safe, number one. [03:17.9]

And you know, it has been a great year to be in golf. I mean, golf has been trending down for like 20 years and now it's trending up. So, I mean, for us, we had like a record year. I kept selling our product, like at a rate I couldn't even imagine. And life is good and you know I'm very, very fortunate 2021 golf is still hot and you know, I've been grinding at this for nine years and you know, my whole thing is I'm just a golfer like all my clients are customers and I truly care about them and because we're not a big brand and you know, it's, I'm just very thankful. You know, I dunno how else to say it. You know, it's it's been fun and it doesn't feel like work. I have pivoted a little bit and now I enjoy more time with my kids versus when I used to work 20 hours a day, seven days a week, you know? [04:03.8]

Marty: Yeah. Sometimes I'd it's always fun when people talk about, Oh, well, you know, it must be nice starting something or doing something. And everybody wants to talk about the, the after effects. Like, you know where you're at now, right. And the funniest thing is, is a lot of people don't realize that there's 20-hour days are more regular than, you know, you realize, and even you probably going into it thinking, Oh, you know, I can start this. And maybe it's 10, 12, but you don't realize like how much goes into it. And it's a great learning experience and people forget about that. So, I'm glad like you pivoted and you're able to spend more time with your family. Cause back in the day you were pumping out content all the time and it was just you, right? [04:44.7]

Tyler: I was doing everything wrong, man. I was, I was selling the clubs myself, shipping clubs myself, doing live chat, making content. I mean, I, I did everything. I, I, you know, now we don't assemble our own clubs in house. I mean, we they're all barcode ready to go. You know, I've got a team, very small team, but I've got a team of experts that are way smarter than myself and really what I get to do and it took me two kids, you know, like I got fired from my day job. That was the first I've had three major epiphanies. Two of them were kids. One was being fired. I was fired from my day job when BombTech was a side hustle and it was crazy timing. So, I was doing like, man, I don't even know shipping a couple of clubs a day. And my boss brings me into his office and he's like, Hey today's your last day and your last paychecks last week. And I just found out my wife was pregnant and it was the week before Thanksgiving. And I go, well, I'm going to go get some water so I don't knock you out. [0:42.3]

Marty: Hahaha.

Tyler: I was just like; he didn't see it coming. I was a sales guy and our sales were up like 200%. And I felt so, so much immense pressure.

Marty: Hmm.

Tyler: Because I had a newborn on the way I was fired from my great, you know, it was a solid paying job.

Marty: Sure.

Tyler: That there was really no other route. And my wife was so supportive and she's like, you gonna make BombTech work or what?

Marty: Hmm.

Tyler: And I agree. And that was the period of time where I went from like working a lot after hours to like all in all day, all night, everything I had to think, learn, grow, hire, fire, you know, every possible thing I could. And then when I had my first kid, I'm like, this is too much. Like I gotta be a dad too. And it took me a long time and it really took till my second kid where I said, I'm taking some time off. [6:31.3]

Marty: Right.

Tyler: And I took, I took six weeks off. And I, at that point, it put some smart people in the right seats. And what do you think happened to sales in those six weeks I was off?

Marty: They probably were higher.

Tyler: They were higher. I said I was, you know, not that smarter important anyways.

Marty: Yup.

Tyler: So that, that I definitely still work. So, let's not say I don't, I don't work, but it doesn't, it doesn't feel like work. It's not all consuming. And really like, you know, I now at this point, just test products, you know.

Marty: Hmm.

Tyler: And like, it's like a prize. It's like, that's my dream is, you know, I design stuff with a third-party engineer and our factory and I just go out and play golf. So, it took me years and years of like almost hating golf because it turned into work to this last three years.

Marty: Yup. [7:17.2]

Tyler: I actually got to enjoy it again. And like this year I used to always go on the course with like 50 different prototypes and taking video and just working all day. Now it's like this year, I just like went out and played golf.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: And it was, it was, it was magical. I was like, Oh my, I fell in love with the game over and over again. And it was like, it was nice to hit like pure shots and have a real swing again. And, you know, so it really went from like a obsession, accidental entrepreneurship, where we had success and I wanted to make it work for my family. And now I'm like trying to enjoy it, you know.

Marty: Sure.

Tyler: And it is still not easy being a small underdog brand and in a very competitive space. So, you know, like I said, golfs trending, great time to be in a direct consumer place. And I'm just very fortunate to have the team, the family to support me and just the best customers in the world now, you know. [8:12.7]

Marty: That's awesome. So, you get fired and you're going, okay, so you have your, you know what I like to call the Oh Shit, moment, right. And we all have them with, you know, multiple times in life and you try to limit them, but they do happen. And you're just sitting there and you know, you know, you're going to get up and the next day your wife's pregnant and then your wife calls you out. Like, Hey, what are you going to do? Like, what's the, what's the first thing, because I think people jump in to some of these things and then they have that moment and then they have to make it work. What's the first thing that you did, if you can recall, or the first couple of days that even though it was a grind, what did you do? [8:50.9]

Tyler: I did all the things wrong. You know, like, that's the thing, it's funny. It's like, if I knew what I did now, I still probably wouldn't listen to my now self.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: So, it's like, I think at that point, number one, you got to love what you do. So, like for me, I could never have done what I did if I truly just didn't love golf. You know, I grew up playing golf. I was, you know, I competed in high school golf. Not that that's crazy, but just, you know, I loved it. So, it didn't feel like work. You know what I mean? So, like, that's my first thing to put in context. Like if it's something that you're not passionate by just looking to make a buck, good luck, man. Cause it took me a long time to make some money at it, you know. And it was, so I think what I did is I, I just started going kind of crazy on social and it was good timing too. I mean, this is 2012.

Marty: Hmm…hmm. [9:38.0]

Tyler: So social media, especially on Facebook was, was organic, was really much higher. So, I was just posting stuff like, Hey, I'm going up to the university of Vermont where I first designed our first driver with some students and say, Hey, I'm looking at designing this driver, you know, what's a cool name or like, what color would you, would resonate with you? Or what loft do you play? And just was asking questions that I wanted to know the answer to.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: And that's a big thesis of where I try to continue to do. Cause you know what? I don't know everything. I don't know much.

Marty: Right.

Tyler: To be honest. So, like I do, I lean on our current, you know, I don't even know what the number is a 100,000 plus people that are bought or something and say, Hey guys, I'm thinking about launching this product, here's a prototype, here’s the design or here's a look, what do you guys think? And they reply and say, dude, that looks terrible. Or I definitely swing that or whatever it is. And you know, it's much easier now to have that community and all that, but really was early days hitting Facebook. [10:36.5]

Marty: Right.

Tyler: And I did put myself on the content and in the content rather because I had to, I couldn't afford to pay anyone.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: You know what I mean? So, it's like that video you referred to as I was much bigger and you know, it was doing like long drive or attempting to, and I hit a ball through a net in the backyard and it got like.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: 10,000 comments and 300,000 views of a boost. And so, people kind of related to me, it was like a regular guy.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: Cause I am, and that's half the brand is kind of me and my story and it wasn't intentional. I didn't say, Hey, I'm going to go out and put myself on camera and sell 500,000 golf clubs to, to regular guys.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: You know, there was never even a thought. I just was doing it, enjoyed it, loved it, got some traction and just kept pushing, you know. [11:21.5]

Marty: Yeah. It's so funny and you know, full disclosure, everyone. So about three weeks ago Sully has a booking agent and hit me up to come on the podcast. And I was like, this is kind of funny. Like things comes full circle. So, the first time I ever talked to him, I think it was right after you got laid off, right when you created that video, like it was somewhere right in there because I don't know how you were referred to me through mutual friends or whatever and you call it. And it was just like a peppering of questions, which was fun. But at the same time, you're like, have you ever heard of this? And I was like, yeah, I saw some giant dude whacking a driver. And I think he hit the ball through the net. He goes, yeah, that's me. And then like, we just had a conversation from there and it was all over the map. I will, I do remember that. And I remember where I was, was actually at a Starbucks in my car. [12:10.6]

Tyler: Wow.

Marty: And it's so funny because like some things come back, but you, you hit a couple of things on there. It's like, you just get out there and you just do it. Right. And you're just putting out there and you're being real. And I think that's a huge thing that people sometimes miss, even though you made all those mistakes, you know, you just did it. Right. And it's just like, you kind of figure out as you're going along and you hit a time where, you know, on organic, you could really, you know, really do that, which is awesome. [12:37.0]

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Marty: So, all the lessons that you took from, from growing your brand and growing an e-commerce brand. So now you have, you know, an agency or consultancy where you're helping people do that. So, one thing is, is like how in 2021, if somebody came to you, as a client said, Hey, I got my store up. We're doing close to a million or just over a million, which is, I know the clients that you work with, you know, what would you tell them? Because they're probably making all the mistakes that you made and what would you tell them that they need to change? Or what would you tell them that is going to be the biggest trend coming forward? [13:25.7]

Tyler: Yeah, it's funny. Like the second business was a total accident too. Like I, I had no intentions of starting an agency and my first employee at BombTech Chris, who was the most part, well, he's my partner now. He, he is and was the most hardworking person I've ever met in my life. He was, he was me, but just working as an employee at BombTech, working 20 hours a day, coming up with ideas. I remember he texted me at like two in the morning coming home from the bars like, yo dude, do you see the conversion rate on the website? Or I got an idea for this golf club. Like, who is this kid? And so, he works with me side by side, in the brand for like four years and crushed it. You know, he helped bring my brand voice into emails. We learned how to use Klaviyo to drive revenue.

Marty: Hmm…hmm. [14:09.7]

Tyler: And he three years ago it was like, Hey, you know, I'm telling it for you, people are reaching out to you to like, so people start to reach out to me like, Hey, can you help? And I was like, no.

Marty: Right.

Tyler: I'm like, I'm just, I just own a golf brand. And like, I love it. I can't help you. And Chris, my first employee was like, Hey, I want to help him. I was like, dude, I'll do whatever it takes to support you if you want to make it happen cause I want you cause you, he deserves everything he gets. Cause he worked harder than anyone could ever for me. So, he went out and got three clients and all we do, we only do one thing is that email marketing, which is the highest ROI thing we could do. Easy to measure, easy to implement. And I said, I can support that because I've seen it my own brand. And we do a SMS text as well. I said, go out, show me, you can get results for other brands and we'll come back. So, he was still working for me. His side hustles got three clients like doubled or tripled the revenue with email. And I was like, that's pretty good. I said, do you want to partner up? And we did. So, I partnered up with him and I said, Hey, I'm not going to be in the weeds with you. I've got another company, but I will help you on the lead generation side. We'll, we'll talk about, you know, BombTech, where it's relevant and that story that you've already hit me up on to help them. [15:20.8]

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: And you can leverage that if you want. And now we have seven employees, we just did over seven figures. So, we've got 30 clients and we've got about seven still waiting to join as clients. And we work with e-comm brands doing two to 20 million a year.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: And again, that was something I never even thought I would ever start, but it was just a unbelievable relationship from boss to employee where he he's a hardcore golfer, you know. And my dream for him in 2021 is we're to hire him out of the business of that. And we can golf forward together. So, I'm selfish. I'm like, dude, stop working so we can go golfing. But again, that was something where it just kind of happened. And I just support people that show me their kind of, I wouldn't say worth it, but he just, he, he hustled man. And just as a unique guy and I do whatever I can to support him. And we've got the formula and it's just like, I'm like, what's that hair club for men. [16:15.1]

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: I'm like not only the president, I'm also a client. So yeah, it's kind of crazy, you know? So now I've got the golf brand that, you know, it's just, I wouldn't say autopilot by any means, but it's, it's my fun. It's my core. And then the agency where I'm not in it, but I get to take what I've learned from the other brand and just kind of help him. So, he tells me his problems. I'm almost like a consultant for him. I say, okay, well let's take one thing, break it down and make you more efficient so we can scale it up. And that's a, that's a really heavy people business.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: So, we're there’s gonna be lots about, you know, investing in people we're launching, you know, 401k full health, you know, bonuses we've been paying them like more than we normally would. And just learning about that's more like a traditional business model in my mind. With e-commerce I don't need a lot of people to ship product. You know, we've got the fulfillment center that shifts, but I don't need a lot of in-house guys. [17:06.6]

Marty: Right.

Tyler: Whereas the agency it's like a lot of people and we're trying to scale up to 20 people by end of the year. So just try to treat them as if I was, you know, an employee of my own company. Like how would I want to be treated?

Marty: Right.

Tyler: And it's not been easy, you know, it's a different type of business and it's really fun. And I just like grow, you know, growth and things that are already stuff I'm doing. You know, I never do stuff that is like out of left field. That would be, you know, totally not in my normal wheelhouse. I kind of just have gone where I don't know tips I've laid and I've been very, very lucky, you know. [17:40.6]

Marty: That's awesome. Yeah. So real quick on email, because as an agency owner and working with a lot of people, you get the pushback on email. People are like, Oh, I don't want to email as much. I don't want to do all that. What are your thoughts and what have you seen over your experiences with email? Because obviously it works. I know that I'm a big, big fan of it for e-comm especially, but you always get the pushback at first. [18:04.0]

Tyler: Yeah. I think, I think there's just with anything there's the wrong way and the right way to do it. Right. So, like for email, I'm pretty like basic with my strategies and thoughts. And that I think is the benefit is I'm not that smart. But like when I think email it's like when you send me an email, but are you sending me a brochure template with 15 calls to action and a newsletter? No way you're sending me a plain text email. Like, yo, what time are you picking me up to play golf? Right.

Marty: Right.

Tyler: So, like, I take that same approach and be native to email and say, Hey, what's the question you know. I have in one of our emails, it's like, I just sent out, Hey, it's 20 21, what, what is your number one golf goal? Like for the year? And like, that's going to get 5,000 replies and what it does. It just, it's an authentic, real conversation that allows me to build the community. That number one, I want to know the answers to, you know, I liked engaging with and knowing what our customers are doing. It also gives us crazy good insight. Like we're potentially launching a chipper. I just said, Hey, I'm thinking about launching a chipper or a 64-degree wedge reply back yet, or one or two. One is for the chipper two is for 66. And I think I got like, I was blown away with which one they voted for. So, it's just, just kind of taking what I've already done on social, which is try to ask questions that get engagement and do it in a real authentic way on an email. And it's been super effective. And you know, we definitely still push like new launches, new offers, new products and deals and whatever, but it's, it's just, people are not being authentic and native to the platform. [19:43.3]

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: And it's just an overall two-way communication just like you and I are having a conversation today. Just trying to look at that with any platform, you know.

Marty: Yup. And in full disclosure as a customer of BombTech, I get those emails over the years and I will say they are plain text. They are conversational. And I always read just about every single one of them, because I know, Hey, let's just see what he's up to, number one. But then also, you know, when you use the product, you get that information and it doesn't feel like it's salesy, right? It's like, Oh, there's something new coming out. Well, maybe I want it. Maybe I don't, but it never comes across as like this cheesy email. And I think what Sully just said there, anybody listened to this golf world, beer world or anything e-comm or even any business is yes, there's a time and a place for like a newsletter. There's a time and a place for something that's a little salesy that maybe have some graphics in there. But for the most part general, just easy conversation, short, quick bites, via email, especially in e-com really work. Cause you're developing a relationship with that community of people that buy your product or requested information. And it really is a game changer and it can help change it. So, if you know, Dick’s Sporting Goods can email everybody seven days a week, you can definitely pump out whatever's a good cadence for you to actually get really good results. And it really does work. It'll help buttress all the other things that you're doing out there. Paid ads, organic, everything in content. And it just really does help. So really good insight there Sully. So, a couple of things as we wrap it up, still beer drinker man? [21:19.3]

Tyler: Oh man, I've been drinking a lot during 2020, not gonna lie. You know, I, I dunno, I go back and forth. So, like Vermont is massive.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: On the craft craft brew scene. So, I definitely like my IPA’s, you know, there, there's no doubt. I can't, the thing is with those, I can't just slam a bunch of those.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: I have a couple and I'm feeling it. I'm getting old dude.

Marty: Exactly. That's what happens.

Tyler: I tend to lean a little towards, you know, whiskey lately.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: Always a big gin and tonic guy too.

Marty: Right.

Tyler: Those are always good. But yeah. I mean, definitely I, you know, a couple beers a night, you know, gotta gotta get through this COVID thing. [21:57.0]

Marty: You have a, you have a favorite one in Vermont or a favorite one overall.

Tyler: Yeah. Oh totally. Yeah. I mean, Frost Brew they're like right near me.

Marty: Okay.

Tyler: That's really good. I mean, there's so many breweries Conehead IPA's really good. You know, it's funny like, there’s so many options I get confused and like, can you please, keep it simple, man?

Marty: I know.

Tyler: It was like the first one was like switched back, that was like the original craft brewer. Now there's so many craft brewers, but yeah. I, anything IPA thrown in front of me, I'm I'm going to down it with no problem. [22:29.6]

Marty: Nice. Yup. Yeah. I find the same thing with IPA's. I, I went through a whole IPA. Everybody did. I mean, but I, it was funny when it started to become a “craze.”

Tyler: Yeah.

Marty: You know, about 10 years ago, I I'd already been in, like, I was like, I've been drinking IPA's since the nineties. And a lot of people didn't like them cause they were bitter in different tastes and I liked them and I liked to always search out different ones. And it was funny, it was just like the way that whole thing went. And I was like, yeah, I've been drinking these things for a while. And I am now like, I still like IPA, but if I'm going to have more than a one or two beers, like I'm definitely not starting off with, or I'll start off with an IPA, but it's definitely not ending there. I've been big on pilsners and stouts and, and some other things that are much, much lighter and loggers too. And I'm glad that craft beers, some of them are shifting a little bit more to some of those beers or lighter IPA's, which are, which are always good. [23:26.5]

Tyler: Yeah. I'd be done with that. I don't think I really found a good like IPA, you know, it's always like the double IPA and it's,

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: You know, I got kids, man. So, it's like, I get, you know, get dad buzz, which is like one of those things. So, it's, you know, I can't hang it like I used to man, you know, those days are over you know.

Marty: That’s the whole thing is like the higher, the high alcohol.

Tyler: Ahh.

Marty” It's what gets you is, and it doesn't taste like high alcohol. Like a lot of the beers, like, like other beers, like outside of IPA's the hops mask that high, high ABV. Right. So, for me, it's like, you see people they're like, Oh yeah, this is really good. And you'll see them on their third. And I'm like, yo, that's like a 11% beer. And I'm like, I know it doesn't taste like there's alcohol in there, but you're going to feel this very nice.

Tyler: Yeah. [24:17.9]

Marty: And.

Tyler: That’s dangerous.

Marty: Yeah, it’s dangerous. And you know, I've had those days where I'm like, Whoa, what happened? Like how did that happen? You know.

Tyler: Yup.

Marty: Like you have like a slight buzz and the next thing, you know, you're like, I got to stop drinking altogether. I gotta sober up here for another hour. But it's always fun talking to people in different parts of the country about beer. And I've been able to travel around talking about beer and having beer clients, which has been awesome.

Tyler: That’s great.

Marty: You know, as far as that, like in 2021, you know, in e-com, you know, you already talked about, you know, how well everything's going and you got some goals there, are there any goals with, with BombTech this year?

Tyler: Yeah. I mean, we're, we're, we're scaling like crazy right now. I mean, last year we had so many, I wouldn't, it would be a struggle, but like we just sold out so often.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: And really like investing a ton, you know, into really stocking well. So, we don't miss a lot of those opportunities, you know. So right now. [25:14.1]

Marty: Right.

Tyler: I mean, it's, I may have thrown up thinking about how much I'm spending, but you know, investing in your big, because this is a unique time in the world in terms of golf. There's a lot of new golfers getting me in the game, which I'm super pumped and excited. Although I can't get a tee time for like two weeks. I'm like what.

Marty: That’s what I was saying.

Tyler: I was like, I used to be able to, it's funny, my country club in town, it's not that fancy, but it's just, it's a great course, super windy, but it's really fun. It's open enough, I don't lose too many balls. And you know, I used to go over there for like what I would call work. I’d have breakfast.

Marty: Right.

Tyler: I'd do a quick workout. And then I hit some email posts on social and go play around, walk on the team. Now this year I had a book out two weeks in advance. [25:58.9]

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: And it was pretty, this is midweek. I'm like, dude, it's blowing up my spot, same thing's happening with the mountains. So, ski a lot in the winter here in Vermont and you know, I was like, the mountain I was going to is so busy. I was like, dude, this is kind of glad people are getting out because I know everyone's freaking out to just go outside and I've got golf has, has been that for people. It's cool to see it grow. And you know, I'm just like, like I said, it's been like we've been selling direct online for so long. Never expecting this moment would come where everyone's shifts a 100% online. So, it's, it's a crazy time where I think we'll probably double again this year.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: Last year we were up like 35%. But it all goes to like, our customers are just the best, best customer in the world.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: And like repeat order rates so high because I do invest a ton in them to make sure they're happy with their experience and truly will do anything for them. And you know, it's great to have great products and just, you know, life's good, man. So, like my personal goal is not to ramble is to fish, more golf, more ski, more work a little bit, and just have more impact on my employees and family's lives, you know. Cause that's, that's where I'm trying to shift is like, you know, it, wasn't easy for a long time and things are doing well. So, I'm trying to reward those that are helping me and do as much as I can invest in them. Like I did with my first employee, Chris who's now my partner so. [27:21.6]

Marty: It's awesome.

Tyler: You know, and, and hopefully the world is healthy man, and like get through this dude, cause I wanna to throw some sick high fives and hug some people, you know.

Marty: Yeah. And it was so funny you mentioned the golf thing. I remember when they had to shut down and I was like, well, they can't close the outside. And then they shut down golf courses for a solid month. And I was like Ummm.

Tyler: Yeah.

Marty: Okay. Kind of ruined my plan here. Cause I was like, that was the first thing I was like, all right, well, I can't do this or I can't do that. And I'm like, I guess what, we're going to go play golf. And you know, they shut courses down for a little while. And then when it came back, I had the same reaction. I was like, this is awesome. And then I was like, Oh, can I get a tee time? And I'm like, what the heck? Like, you know, and I was happy for my golf clients and people we work with because they've all been doing well. And that's awesome, you know, when you can celebrate that. And it's also good for people to get out and it's good for the game, so. [28:14.2]

Tyler: Yeah.

Marty: I wasn't angry about it, but I was selfish about going damn it like I can't get a tee time.

Tyler: I know.

Marty: And especially that, like I played midweek, I never play on the weekends. And you know, that's one of the privileges of having your own business and setting your schedule. I was like, I'll go out early in the morning and be done by lunch and then start working, you know.

Tyler: Yup.

Marty: And but yeah, it was crazy. It was awesome. But Sully, I really appreciate it. my BombTech 3 Wood is always in my bag.

Tyler: Awesome.

Marty: And it's one of my favorite clubs and it's, I mean the first time I ever hit it, I remember I just put this beautiful 235, it was like 235 yard cause the carry was about 215 and I'll never forget because it was over-water, it was in Ocean City, Maryland at Lighthouse out.

Tyler: Yeah.

Marty: And it was on, I think that the whole three that goes back to the water if I remember correctly and I remember just, you know, we're sitting there playing and my buddy's like, what's that? And I'm like, Oh, it's one of the new close. I hit the range a few times, but never really swung it. And I wasn't really sure how it was going to come off. You know, it was like, you know, when you swing something.

Tyler: Yeah.

Marty: You're just not really sure. And it was like, put it up there and he's like, man, he's like, that works. And I was like, that's going to work and I was like. [29:20.0]

Tyler: I know that's so fun. And that's the one thing that's kind of cool now. It's like having sold more than I ever expected. It there's so much more BombTech on the courses.

Marty: Hmm…hmm.

Tyler: It's like, you know, it's a momentum thing. It's like people see it and like, Oh man, I, I heard about those, you know. So, it's just a different, much a different battle. But yeah, during March when COVID first hit, I was conservative, man. I didn't know what it meant for golf and.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: So, it did a full 180 of what I expected. So, I fork out like, I'm like, cut, cut the shipment. We're not going to do that many it's too much. You know, I was, I was worried.

Marty: Yeah.

Tyler: And so, the golf every moment trying to ride the wave and just make sure people are happy and yeah, man, I appreciate the, the business too. That's awesome.

Marty: Yeah. So, we tell everybody where they can find you online and anything that you want to plug here. [30:05.4]

Tyler: Yeah, sure. They can check me off at golf@bombtechgolf.com or if they are an ecom brand, you know, doing over a mil a year, ecomgrowers.com. Also, I've been really having fun on LinkedIn, Tyler Sullivan on LinkedIn. If you guys want to chat, ping me direct, let's do it. But yeah, no, I appreciate your time Super fun. Next time we’ll to do an in-person on the golf course with craft beers.

Marty: There you go. I'm down for that. I appreciate your time. And thanks everyone for listening. Appreciate all the support over the past year. Now that we're in 2021, I'm getting back to the more fun interviews like this one and we'll have some more beer folks on with more golf folks and just talk about stuff that's going on in marketing and golf like we always do. And I appreciate everything. And thanks again. And we'll see you soon on the next episode of Taps and Tees. [30:54.7]

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