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The supplement business is cut-throat. If you can’t stand out from the competition, your business will look like everyone else’s and be ignored.
But if you find a gap in the market, you’ll enter a league of your own.… READ MORE

Bootstrapping can be great: you get to control every part of your business and choose your lifestyle.
But if you waste precious time on mundane tasks because you don’t have the funding, then bootstrapping becomes a cage.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever dreamt of building a million-dollar ecommerce business, the following might scare you:  out of $1 million, most ecom businesses take home only $50k in profit. That’s less than a truck driver’s wages!… READ MORE

Turning your passion into your business sounds great.
But you know what usually ends up happening? You get so caught up in your passion that you ignore what your market needs. So you barely turn a profit, you get burned out and you give up.… READ MORE

Most big brands start with a big idea. But when you’re establishing your business, thinking too big holds you back and turns into procrastination.
Your business success could start as simply as an idea for better ski gear and a factory in some guy’s garage.… READ MORE

Life as a bootstrapper can be tough. You don’t have the luxury to hire extra team members.  And you can’t pour money into marketing like the bigger brands.
But with the right mindset your small size becomes an advantage that lets you run rings around your competition.… READ MORE

A common dream amongst entrepreneurs is to create a brand so big it defines a culture.
These brands start from passionately serving a niche community. But if you’re not careful, money gets in the way and you lose sight of your purpose.… READ MORE

There’s a nasty trap that plagues today’s entrepreneurs.
They think all you have to do is build a better product and the customers will form a line. But if you go into business with that attitude, all you’ll do is burn a bunch of money without making a sale.… READ MORE

In business it’s important to play to your strengths. So if you’re a manufacturer, keep manufacturing. If you’re a marketer, keep marketing. 
But playing it too safe can blind you to a big opportunity for decades.READ MORE

Sure, making money is great. But what if you could use your business to change the world?
I’m not talking about cheap tricks like “we donate 1% of profits to charity”.
I’m talking about real changes you can see, like saving the rainforests, sheltering the homeless, and feeding the hungry… all while maintaining a healthy profit.… READ MORE

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