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From the garage to the stock exchange, many entrepreneurs dream of owning a multi-million dollar brand with world-class products. But the road to success is paved with an endless amount of obstacles. That’s why 95% of new businesses crash and burn before hitting the 10-year mark.… READ MORE

Running a Kickstarter campaign is hard. And with 9% of all Kickstarter campaigns failing, it’s no easy feat. Bad timing, funding goals that are out of reach, rewards that are too pricey, and a multitude of other things can throw off your Kickstarter campaign.… READ MORE

Creating a physical product from scratch is a nightmare. There’s countless hours spent on design, manufacturing, testing, and R&D. Not to mention, how expensive (and emotionally draining) it is to make changes on the fly.… READ MORE

Building a business you’re passionate about can be the source of your joy. Or it can cause stress, frustration, and sleepless nights.
More often than not, it’s a mix of both.
Taking the easy route is easy, but it never results in happiness, business success, and a life of meaning.… READ MORE

CBD brands have to play business on “hard mode” when it comes to advertising their products. .Facebook and Google are quick to drop the ban hammer on your ad accounts. And at the push of a button, you lose access to all your customers.… READ MORE

Trying to compete with the big guys is tough. Well established brands have a lot of capital, raving fans, and unfair competitive advantages.
So how can you compete with Snapple and Gatorade?
Today’s guest, Ted Volz, founder of Clean Energy, reveals the secret to launching a wildly profitable and competitive business (even in cutthroat industries).… READ MORE

Marketing is tough, time-consuming, and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. This applies even more to groundbreaking products at the forefront of innovation. Look at Apple – they struggled for decades before they dominated their market.… READ MORE

Every entrepreneur wants success. It’s a long, hard, and lonely road being a business owner. It could take years before all of your hard work is finally paid off.
But what if you went through all that hardship because you didn’t focus on the fundamentals?… READ MORE

As lovers of the great outdoors, our enjoyment comes from nature. It’s only logical to run a sustainable business, so the next generation can enjoy the same lifestyle.
But if you’re running an apparel brand, being sustainable is almost impossible!… READ MORE

There’s no right or wrong way to live. But let’s be honest: you didn’t grow up wanting to work in a confined space 40 hours a week, did you?
It’s why we need hobbies on the side.
Travel, hiking, boating… These passions turn a mere existence into a life worth living.… READ MORE

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