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Running a clothing brand is a struggle in today's world. And it becomes even more difficult if you sell random shorts and tops like most brands in the industry.

But you don’t have to run your brand like everyone else runs theirs. In fact, some brands like Woodbottom maintain 5-7 new drops each month. And they also raised funds from Angel Investors to sustain their high inventory business.

And you know what? You can too when you listen to today’s episode.

In this episode, Than Ruyle, CEO of Woodbottom, explains how he’s kept his apparel company on a 10X growth monthly with proper positioning and a small team.

You’ll discover Than’s secret for growing in a saturated market (and how to apply these insights to your business).

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • How to start a multi-figure brand by solving your immediate problems (Unlike many others who are looking for their next big idea,). (2:11)
  • How to structure a good “FOMO” strategy to skyrocket demand for each product in your store. (8:27)
  • The mindset you must cultivate in order to be among the top 1% of your industry and attract more opportunities) (11:05)
  • The cash flow problem that is killing many high-inventory businesses, and how to avoid losing yours.. (14:35)
  • How to avoid failure by spreading your energy into different advertising channels. (17:50)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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