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If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Yet too often, entrepreneurs grow their skills — but not their business. 
Here’s what I mean: 
As you evolve your skills, you also need to evolve your client avatars and language you use.READ MORE

Being the smartest person in the room puts you at a serious disadvantage. You’re embarrassed to show weakness. And the pressure is on you to do all the thinking.
When you’re always the “team brain,” it creates dependent workers who keep you trapped in mediocrity. READ MORE

Most people never achieve what they want.
But it’s not because they’re lazy or can’t work hard. Some of the hardest workers today are also the poorest among us.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.… READ MORE

Your clients are bombarded by 5,000 ads per day.
They have shorter attention spans than ever before.
And there are more distractions in their front pocket alone than any other time in human history.
So how do you stand out and convince them to fork over their hard-earned cash to you?… READ MORE

Something strange happens when you physically write your goals down.
Your brain internalizes it and your subconscious starts working to achieve whatever goals you have.
That is the idea behind an exercise two of my mentors gave me.… READ MORE

Most people overcomplicate business.
The most successful amongst us aren’t smarter or better than us. They’re just better at dumbing everything down so anyone can understand it.
In today’s episode, I’m joined again by Matt Hudgins so he can share how he helps people make (and keep) more money by simplifying everything.… READ MORE

Too many entrepreneurs feel “guilty” for not working 16 hours per day.
But the truth is, the amount of money you make has nothing to do with how many hours you work if you understand this crucial business secret.… READ MORE

A Podcast Factory client recently asked me about the future of podcasting.
So I recorded a private video sharing the massive growth podcasting has already had.
And you know what? Podcasting is only getting bigger.… READ MORE

Improving yourself is no easy task.
You’ll have to make a lot of tough decisions like cutting ties with your former friends.
But there’s a certain “shortcut” most successful people take to become wildly successful in less time than they would’ve thought.… READ MORE

Nick Bradley was so stressed from his corporate job that he literally broke his teeth in the middle of the night.
And you know what?
Most people are in the same situation as Nick was — trapped in a job you don’t like with no leads on living a better life.… READ MORE

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