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Tired of the fake gurus teaching stuff that doesn’t work? Overwhelmed with the seemingly endless amount of information on how to build your business? There are a few specific things you need to know to succeed, and Brian Kurtz discusses them in this episode.… READ MORE

It’s easy to sabotage yourself after you fail.
But the most successful people know the secret that not only prevents them from self-destructing, but also helps them use their failures as a springboard to success.… READ MORE

Imagine if there was a way for you to be certain that your marketing spoke to your ideal customers in a way that could not be ignored. A simple, step-by-step formula for easily and consistently creating content that sent them to your business in droves.… READ MORE

So many of us suffer from limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Through a painful process of trial and error, I discovered how badly this was holding back our work The Podcast Factory.
It’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame.… READ MORE

Everyone fails.
The losers give up. The winners use it as feedback to improve.
I’ve made a heap of mistakes with this podcast. And today I’m getting personal and sharing my biggest mistakes so you don’t repeat them.… READ MORE

We’re back and it’s time to dive right back into part two of the interview with Joe Evangelisti.
Joe talks about working ON your business (and why most people get this completely wrong), invaluable lessons on leadership, masterminds, and how you can build a real, living legacy.READ MORE

If you want to know what it really takes to become a successful Entrepreneur, then you are in for a treat today.
Joe Evangelisti is a fellow real estate investor, all-round genuine dude, AND podcaster.
You’ve probably heard the quote about ‘how you do anything is how you do everything,’ right?READ MORE

In this episode, Bob Gardner is back to talk about battling addiction, dropping the habits, and ending the fight.
He dives into dreaming BIG, the idea of possibility, dealing with your doubters, and the wrong way to deal with an addiction.… READ MORE

Listen. If you think you’re never going to overcome the hurdles of addiction and negative thoughts you may be facing, I’ve got news for you brother…
Bob disagrees.
If you’re stuck battling addictive behaviors, then today’s guest is here to help you beat it FOR GOOD and help you can become the father, husband, and man you’ve always wanted to be.… READ MORE

What would you say if I offered you an opportunity to PRINT money?
Would you turn it down?
Would you wait, procrastinate, and put it off till the time was right?
Or would you take me up on the offer?
Today my friend, you are in luck.… READ MORE

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