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The most frequently asked question I get from other podcasters is about how to increase their downloads.
There’s only one small problem with that…
…podcast downloads don’t matter!
In this episode, I’m giving you a “sneak peek” into the inner workings of The Podcast Factory and revealing what you should be focused on instead of downloads.… READ MORE

There’s a certain “law” to success.
The trouble is, only the successful people understand and leverage this “law.”
Until today.
In today’s episode, I’m shattering the mold and sharing with you the most powerful law of success I know…
Show Highlights Include:

The single biggest mistake you’re making in your business (3:03)
How to pinpoint exactly what gives you the most bang for your buck in your business (3:50)
The brain dead simple way to expand your mind (5:09)
A fail-proof, 3-step sequence for picking the right mastermind that prevents you from flushing thousands of dollars down the drain (7:08)
The absolute worst type of conferences you could attend that all but guarantees you won’t see a return-on-investment (10:34)
The secret only successful people know about becoming successful (13:06)
How to unlock the full super powers of masterminds that nobody ever talks about (20:16)
How to lose everything and get it back (and more) in 3 months or less (22:26)

Are you a highly-driven dad who needs help creating your legacy?… READ MORE

Balancing your attention between your business and family is no easy task.
Too much attention on your business and your kids will grow up without you. Too much attention on your family and your business will crumble.… READ MORE

Being a father is hard enough. It becomes much harder when you’re trying to build a business on top of it.
And it becomes even more difficult if you let your nasty emotions get in the way and cloud your judgements.… READ MORE

There’s no shortage of right answers when it comes to growing your business, becoming more fit, or living a better life.
It’s much harder trying to figure out which right answers deserve your attention.… READ MORE

We all face obstacles in life.
Ordinary people use their obstacles as an excuse to have something else to complain about. While the successful ones use their obstacles as an excuse to grow and expand.
In today’s episode, I’m chopping it up with Josh Schoenly as he shares his secrets for pivoting from a failing real estate business to a successful one smack dab in the middle of the recession.… READ MORE

Have you ever had the feeling that your business is taking over your life? You’re successful, but sometimes it seems that it may be costing you your relationships. Your kids are growing up faster than you can believe, and your spouse wishes they had more time with you.… READ MORE

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? That your life is controlling you, rather than you controlling your own life? Accomplished real estate investor Kyle Miller once felt that way too.
In this episode, we discuss how he took back control of his life and the habits and mindset shifts that contributed to the success he has had so far.… READ MORE

It’s not easy balancing all of life’s challenges – from growing your business to parenting your kids and everything in between.
Especially when you don’t know what you’re doing and have nobody to turn to for advice.… READ MORE

How is it that some people accomplish so much while others accomplish so little in the same amount of time?
There’s a cheat code for success, but only the uber successful know about it and use it.
Today, I’m talking to Nick Nanton – an 11-time Emmy-award winning director, producer, and best-selling author about what his cheat code for life is.… READ MORE

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