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America entered a “new normal” in 2020 — and it could wreck your retirement portfolio.
Record-breaking inflation, skyrocketing wage growth, and massive unemployment create the perfect storm for delaying your retirement.… READ MORE

Investing is hard. You have to sacrifice your money now, so you can enjoy life later. Many people don’t start investing because it’s easier not to.
But you know what’s harder than investing?
Trying to retire in your 50s or waiting until you’re older to start investing.… READ MORE

If you watch the news, you’d think the economy only has a couple months left until utter chaos. 
While we’re still learning how to navigate in the post-crisis world, there are many reasons to feel hopeful. READ MORE

Would you board a flight that had a 70% probability of safely reaching its destination? How about 90%?
While these are odds we’d avoid if our life was on the line, many people blindly trust their retirement to a financial plan with similar numbers.READ MORE

In 2022, you can now save $20,500 in a 401(k) instead of $19,500. While that doesn’t sound like a huge increase, it makes a huge difference over time with the right retirement strategy. 
How do you figure out the best retirement strategy for you? READ MORE

Your rational and emotional minds are at war every day. When your emotional mind wins, it causes you to make boneheaded financial decisions that jeopardize your retirement. 
Changing your environment helps you take back control over your emotions set on destruction.READ MORE

Do you procrastinate with your Christmas shopping? 
Forbes wrote an interesting article a few years ago explaining why men wait until the last minute to start their Christmas shopping. While women start Christmas shopping as early as December 26th the year before. READ MORE

There’s a popular retirement ad that asks retirees what their retirement “number” is. This approach to retirement makes sense — and it’s generally better to have more savings than less. READ MORE

Political arguments pop up around Thanksgiving dinners all over America. But the point of Thanksgiving is to come together despite our differences. 
Dating back to the first ever Thanksgiving, it’s been a celebration that we all benefit from coming together — especially when we disagree. READ MORE

Inflation is real and it’s here. The 5.4% rise in the Consumer Price Index over the last year is the highest in 13 years. You notice inflation’s insidious impact every time you fill up your tank or buy a cup of coffee. READ MORE

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