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It’s been a crazy year. One full of unprecedented events. And when times are this confusing, it can be tempting to abandon your plans and wait for them to be over.
But this is the worst thing you can do!READ MORE

Money is a complicated topic. We all have ideas and associations with money that we picked up over the course of our lives.
But these hold us back from saving the money we need to retire on our own terms. The wrong ideas can lead to devastating financial consequences.READ MORE

Money is a difficult topic to discuss with other people. This makes it tempting to do it alone when it comes to planning your retirement.
This is a mistake.
Even with the necessary knowledge, your emotional connection to your money can blow up your retirement.READ MORE

When it comes to our vacations, we plan every single detail to make sure everything is perfect. We understand that hope is not a strategy when it comes to pulling off a memorable trip.
So why do we do the opposite with our retirement?READ MORE

Pension Attention is a show dedicated to helping firefighters and police officers take charge of their finances to build a life they love.
Your host Brad Barrett is a Managing Director and Partner at One Capital Management, a top ranked independent investment advisory firm managing $2B in assets for clients.… READ MORE

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