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2020 was the year of technology. Most of us jumped on Zoom, had food delivered at the door, and spent far too much time on Amazon.
And while tech has dominated our day-to-day living, it also drove NASDAQ up 43% (which says a lot about technology’s role in the market today).… READ MORE

Learning about the DROP program feels like information overload… They hand you a ton of resources, dates, and deadlines without any idea how they relate to your retirement goals.
But knowing how DROP works is the only way to ensure a smooth transition from active duty to a stable retirement without money worries.… READ MORE

When it comes to conversations about inflation, you might find yourself filled with fear and thinking the worst about your finances. But once you understand the breakdown of a dollar, it’s easy to keep up with the price changes (and even raise the value of your assets).READ MORE

When it comes to spending the money you want and being able to livinge comfortably on a plan after you retire, your portfolio needs its own ‘secret sauce’ for sustainability.
And it might seem like you have all of the ingredients to retire, but most people spend their time focused on the wrong parts of their plan.… READ MORE

Analyzing the risks and components of your retirement plan is crucial for ensuring you don’t outlive it. You never want to ask yourself: Am I always going to have money in retirement?
That’s where an actuary comes in… They protect your portfolio’s finances from unforeseen events and ensure that all components complement your age (so that your income only grows each year).… READ MORE

You may have a calendar full of birthdays and business dates, but do you know what age-related milestones have the biggest impact on your financial plans? Or how to reap the financial rewards as you enter retirement?READ MORE

Whether it’s politics or social occurrences, the market is always changing. And you shouldn’t have to worry about what’s happening around the world to protect what’s in your portfolio. 
Finding sustainable investments is not about trying to “predict the unpredictable,” but becoming adaptingable to any disruptions.READ MORE

Playwright Tennessee Williams once famously said, “You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it.” That sums up retirement planning.
And to avoid feeling stressed over how the money you spend in retirement, you need a plan that grows and protects your assets (or you’ll hit a roadblock the first time you need to pull emergency funds)
In this episode, you’ll discoverlearn why retirement planning is more than numbers and how your mindset about money affects the income you generate today.… READ MORE

You might think you’ve got retirement planning all figured out. But some mistakes in planning for the future are more common (and costly) than others.
And knowing the number you want to retire at is one thing.READ MORE

2020 was about ‘expecting the unexpected’ in your investments. And while cryptocurrencies are on the rise, you might be wondering if they’re here to stay (or worth the time in your portfolio).
How we think about investing changes all the time.READ MORE

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