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Reading headlines and news articles about the economy can be confusing and downright wrong. For example, despite inflation making headline news, our analysis shows that it’s not too hot right now. READ MORE

Many listeners and clients have recently asked me if they’re holding onto too much cash. Since inflation hits cash more than anything else, it’s a topic that’s on a lot of people’s mind. 
Here’s the truth: 
Cash yields basically nothing.READ MORE

Having financial and investment knowledge is good. But it doesn’t help make more money in the market unless you have wisdom.
So what’s the difference? 
Knowledge is what you know. But wisdom is how you apply what you know to your real life. READ MORE

Have you inherited your parents’ money problems? Let me tell you a quick story:
The Dutch suffered through a famine towards the end of World War II after Nazis cut off their food and fuel. They had to survive on one loaf of bread and five potatoes per week.… READ MORE

An investment advisor is a lot like a mechanic. They help you diagnose any problems in your portfolio and recommend the best action to take. 
If an investment advisor is like a mechanic, then our economy is like a car with a broken windshield and chipped paint.READ MORE

Getting more conservative with your investments as you age is a rule of thumb. But it doesn’t always make sense — especially when interest rates are historically low. 
How can you properly plan for your retirement when “common knowledge” can wreck all your retirement plans?READ MORE

Biden’s proposing to raise taxes soon. How worried should you be? 
It’s not all bad news (even if you want to keep your hard-earned money for yourself). 
In this episode, I’m revealing 3 reasons why you shouldn’t sweat Biden’s tax hikes. READ MORE

Drawing from the wrong retirement accounts first can spike your tax bill, wreck your legacy assets, and make your retirement less fulfilling.
And the opposite is true:
Drawing from the right accounts first lowers your tax bills, builds your legacy, and pays for exotic vacations with your family.… READ MORE

What we hear about the economy changes on a minute-by-minute basis. And it’s hard to separate fact from fiction when everyone is saying something different.  
Retirement, even in the best economy, is a huge transition.READ MORE

A good retirement plan is crucial. You don’t want to look at your balance sheet when you’re 67 and realize you’ll always need a side job. 
But designing a plan that works is hard. Your goals, situation and family are unique.READ MORE

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