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Have you ever suffered from the dreaded curse of Writer’s block? It might surprise you to know, there’s no such thing as writer’s block. American poet, Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity.… READ MORE

My Dad has always loved fast cars. When he was younger he used to drive a muscle car. I think he passed that love for cars on to me. I can’t get enough of those shows where people tune up their cars and race them.… READ MORE

In his book, The Strangest Secret, author Earl Nightingale tells the story of a Sea Captain setting sail on a voyage across the ocean. The Captain can’t see his destination, but he has faith that he’ll arrive safely to his destination by following the map.… READ MORE

In his best selling book, E-Myth, author Michael Gerber describes one of the biggest mistakes new business owners make. They spend more time working in the business rather than on their business. This leaves them overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated.… READ MORE

In the story of Cinderella, the King was searching for a bride for his son, the Prince. He invited every available maiden to the Royal Ball to meet Prince Charming in hopes of finding him the perfect wife.… READ MORE

We all know the story of Cinderella. Her wicked stepmom and 2 evil stepsisters were incredibly cruel to her. They practically tortured her for their pleasure. If it wasn’t for her Fairy Godmother saving the day, Cinderella would have spent her life in misery.… READ MORE

Unless you follow the theater, the name Lin-Manuel Miranda may not ring a bell. But, you’ve probably heard of his masterpiece, Hamilton. This musical, inspired by the life of Alexander Hamilton, earned him a Pulitzer Prize, 3 Tony awards, 3 Grammy awards, and an Emmy.… READ MORE

What do Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy have in common? Yes, they’re all self help Gurus. Yes, they’ve helped millions of people realize their dreams. But did you know, all of them based their early work on Maxwell Maltz’s 1960’s book, Psycho-Cybernetics?… READ MORE

Every once in a while my wife and I get sucked into silly T.V. shows. A while back there was a show on MTV where they turned a group of nerds into suave ladies men. They’d teach the guys some “pickup lines”, then send them into a bar, and make them talk to girls.… READ MORE

The movie starts in in the year 2045. The world is in a shambles. There’s an energy crisis and economic stagnation. All across the world people are suffering. But, the lucky ones have a way to escape. Slipping on their visors and haptic gloves, they can be teleported to The OASIS.… READ MORE

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