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Typically I save my BEST podcasting tips for my clients.
But every once in a while I can be convinced to share one or two good ones with the right people.
A few months back, one of my favorite podcasters – Sean D’Souza from the “Three Month Vacation” show asked me to share my podcasting goodies with his paying mastermind members.… READ MORE

Eight days, 10 miles, and 53,516 vertical feet covered.
It’s raining here in Park City.
Which means, I can’t get on the mountain and I’m bored.
And that’s good news for you.

A guy I know and respect told me I HAD to read some eMail from some other guy I don’t know too well.
He said it was the best thing he’s read all year.
I’m a marketer.
I’m always looking for good ideas.… READ MORE

Look, there’s no question how I feel about interview shows…
I’m not a fan.
Mostly because everyone and their gramma are interviewing the same exact people.
You hear the same exact stories over and over again until they are played out.… READ MORE

Alright, enough teasing.
I made a quick video to let you know how you can end the year right by being greedy and generous all at once.
I ‘splain it all right here https://thepodcastfactory.com/2for1
Talk at you later,
Producer Jonathan… READ MORE

Last week I asked why you aren’t reading my prestigious paid print newsletter, The Podcast Mogul.
I got a lot of different replies and some random excuses.
But my favorite one was the guy that said, “Doood, I didn’t know you had a paid print newsletter.… READ MORE

This is a quick heads up.
I’m prolly not going to be like every other sap on the internet and send you a “Merry Christmas” email on Monday.
So consider this my Christmas eMail to you.
Now, onto business.… READ MORE

One of my favorite things about recording podcasts with cool people is the stuff they teach me.
That’s the whole reason I got into podcasting in the first place.
But that’s a story for another day.… READ MORE

One of my favorite things to do is call Guroobs out on their lies.
They tell you things they know you want to hear so you’ll buy their sh*t.
In the short term that’s bad because some people fall for it hook, line, and sinker.… READ MORE

I told myself I wouldn’t write you today.
But who am I kidding.
I have stuff to say.
And you need to hear it.
So Johnny’s back.
And I want to give you a tip on what NOT to do when you’ve got something to sell.
Last week someone sent me an email telling me he heard me on a podcast interview and I was awesome.… READ MORE

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