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Seems like all the cool kids are rushing into the print newsletter game.
Have you noticed?
Russell Brunson, Todd Brown, and so many other “new school” marketers are pushing to get into print.… READ MORE

Not too long ago a print newsletter was unheard of.
That was something reserved for your grandparents.
But lately there’s been a resurgence in the print newsletter game.
Have you noticed more and more marketers offering some sort of print newsletter shipped to your mailbox for a very modest investment?… READ MORE

If my dad knew about this, he’d be shocked.
That’s why I had to share one of my most embarrassing stories in a place he’d never see it.
Just posted a new video inside my Authority Podcasting group.
It’s a closed group.… READ MORE

I asked a simple question to a gentleman today that blew his mind.
Because he had conflicting beliefs.
He has two companies.
In one he’s an expert making a few bucks as a consultant.
In the other he’s the do’er – making things happen and bringing in 10x more dough.… READ MORE

Had a weird experience today.
And it made me think.
So I decided to record a short video telling you how you can stand out in your market, be remembered, and get referrals.
You can check it out at http://ThePodcastFactory.com/authority-podcasting/
Producer Jonathan… READ MORE

Typically I save my BEST podcasting tips for my clients.
But every once in a while I can be convinced to share one or two good ones with the right people.
A few months back, one of my favorite podcasters – Sean D’Souza from the “Three Month Vacation” show asked me to share my podcasting goodies with his paying mastermind members.… READ MORE

Eight days, 10 miles, and 53,516 vertical feet covered.
It’s raining here in Park City.
Which means, I can’t get on the mountain and I’m bored.
And that’s good news for you.

A guy I know and respect told me I HAD to read some eMail from some other guy I don’t know too well.
He said it was the best thing he’s read all year.
I’m a marketer.
I’m always looking for good ideas.… READ MORE

Look, there’s no question how I feel about interview shows…
I’m not a fan.
Mostly because everyone and their gramma are interviewing the same exact people.
You hear the same exact stories over and over again until they are played out.… READ MORE

Alright, enough teasing.
I made a quick video to let you know how you can end the year right by being greedy and generous all at once.
I ‘splain it all right here https://thepodcastfactory.com/2for1
Talk at you later,
Producer Jonathan… READ MORE

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