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Today I was interviewed by a guy who I really like.
The reason I like this dude is because he keeps telling people, “If you don’t have a business, you don’t need a podcast show.”
And you know what, he’s dead right.… READ MORE

Have I ever told you that I’m involved in Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program?
If you’ve never heard of it, you can find tons of books and podcast from Dan talking about it.
The basic idea is that our potential for growth is our biggest asset as entrepreneurs.… READ MORE

I’m often asked, “How do you work on so many shows?”
No, I’m not some magical super hero who slows down time so I can get 10x more done than the average Joe. No, I don’t work crazy 100 hour weeks like some sort of workaholic.… READ MORE

“Get outta my dreams
Get into my car
Get outta my dreams
Get in the back seat baby
Get into my car
Beep beep, yeah
Get outta my mind
Get into my life
Oh I said hey (Hey) you (You)
Get into my car”
Wondering why I’m singing Billy Ocean to you today?… READ MORE

I was all set to give you a bunch of great reasons to apply to work with me and my team to launch your podcast.
But my heart wasn’t in it.
All I could think about was how much I miss the snow.
So instead of writing another biz email I invested some time in creating a music video of our adventures this winter.… READ MORE

I’m still working on “The Sunday eMail” thingy.
So I’ll keep this short and sweet.
If you want a guaranteed way to never miss your favorite Podcast Factory shows subscribe to our You Tube Channel.… READ MORE

Some people asked why I was doing so much “hard teaching” in my last couple of emails.
And I couldn’t help but laugh, because I knew you’d ask.
Allow me to ‘splain it to you my friend.
I didn’t want work to get in the way of my snowboarding while I was in Utah last month.… READ MORE

Check this out…
One of my new years goals was to stay away from investing in info-course and software for the entire year.
This is tough because I’m sort of a junkie when it comes to this stuff.
Anyways, since I’ve been on this kick I’ve found myself digging into some of the stuff I bought and never used.… READ MORE

In yesterdays note we talked about how you can compete in a crowded market without discounting your prices.
I gave you the first 3 “Fast Celebrity Hacks” which were all based on getting referrals by being on other people’s shows.… READ MORE

Are you in a market with a lot of competitors?
Do you worry that your offers aren’t any different than theirs?
Is lowering your prices the only way you think you can complete?
Guess what buckeroo, there’s another way to compete in crowded market without dropping your prices or wasting your time chasing price sensitive clients.… READ MORE

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