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The other day I was guest on the Hustle and Flowchart podcast.
The guys got me so comfy I almost forgot we were recording.
And I ended up dropping some bombshells (Including some stuff that will draw a lot of H8 from the podcaster community)
Most people wouldn’t Say this stuff in public, but I had to do it so you wouldn’t be fooled by the Guroob hype machine.… READ MORE

Lookie here.
Another sterling testimonial from one of our A-List Clients.
Here’s what Doberman Dan said about working with me and my team at The Podcast Factory:
“I think most people don’t understand the amount of production that goes into a podcast.READ MORE

Wanted to share a quick story with you about a guy who wanted to be seen as a dominant expert in his market.
He was crazy busy because he had so much going on in his business.
He was managing a large and very active Facebook community.… READ MORE

I don’t know what my team is doing.
Over the last couple of weeks they’ve had me booked on a bunch of podcasts interviews.
After back-to-back interviews I needed to know…
Why some of them leave me energized – almost on a high.… READ MORE

You heard about Repeat-itus.
You heard about the Invisible Expert.
And you’ve heard me say I’ve got a way to make sales faster for you.
But I get it.
I’d be skeptical too, if I were you.
That’s why I wanted to show you this screen capture of my client Cherylanne Skolnicki from the “Brilliant Balance” show.… READ MORE

On back to back calls the other day I discovered something interesting.
There’s a whole world of Experts behind the Experts.
These folks aren’t well known.
But they are the best in the world at what they do.… READ MORE

Podcasting is black box right now.
The only data you can get is your own.
You ever wonder how your podcast stacks up to other shows like yours?
You ever wonder what kind of listenership you should expect if you’re starting your own show?… READ MORE

When I was a kid my Dad used to get mad at me when he had to repeat himself.
He’d yell at me and say I wasn’t paying attention.
Somehow he passed that gene on to me.
That’s why when I got into business for myself I hated sales calls.… READ MORE

Last night I snapped out of a deep sleep at 3:00 am
Eyes wide open.
In a panic.
See, I finally got smart and hired an agency to do my ads for me.
I was tired of all the hit and miss, stop and start, Half-assed effort I was putting in doing my own ads.… READ MORE

Want a super fast way to learn anything?
I learned this from Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach:
Step 1: Learn the concept
Step 2: Write about the concept
Step 3: Talk about the concept
That’s it.
Doing this makes new concepts sink in.… READ MORE

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