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While I was in Utah last time I decided to try something new.
So I created a Facebook Group called “Authority Podcasting.”
Inside that group I shared some of the BEST training videos I’ve ever done.… READ MORE

Man I love it when marketers show up in my inbox when they need some dough.
It’s like,
“Stick ‘em up and hand over your moolah… My rent is due.”
That’s one of the reasons you hear from me (almost) daily.… READ MORE

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”
A lot of people credit this quote to genius physicist Albert Einstein.
Yes, he developed the Theory of Relativity.… READ MORE

What is there was a system that knocked out all your potential clients objections before they even talked to you?
How much more fun would it be to hop on the call and close deals?
How much easier would your sales calls be?… READ MORE

Employees say the darndest things.
A while back I was on a call with someone we hired to help with marketing stuff.
We were talking numbers.
I wasn’t happy with what she was saying.
So I kept digging.
Asking question after question trying to understand why she wasn’t hitting her numbers.… READ MORE

At night I like to watch sitcoms before I drift off to sleep.
The other night I was watching one of my favorites.
I literally laughed out loud.
So loud I woke Cupcake and she asked what I was watching.
It was season 8 episode 2 of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”
The one about the Thank You notes.… READ MORE

Sitting at the airport in Atlanta waiting to board my flight. Just finished up a day at Strategic Coach.  One thing they keep hammering into our heads is Dan Sullivan’s idea:
Who Not How
You have a new idea you want to roll out.… READ MORE

When I saw the application come through I told Cupcake,
“This one isn’t going anywhere.”
“How do you know?” she asked.
And I told her we received almost the same exact app from the same person a year ago.… READ MORE

I love waiting to the absolute last minute to get things done.
For instance,
Last June I was at my quarterly Strategic Coach day.
The focus…
Our team.
They tasked us with bringing our team together and getting them lined up with our vision for the company.… READ MORE

Just got off a call with one of our clients.
He said, “I feel like I’ve talked my topic to death. You think we can pivot to talk about something else?”
My answer in a second, but first…
When I started podcasting (way back in 2009) I used to box myself into a topic, beat it to death, get bored, and burnt out, lose interest and quit.… READ MORE

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