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Got into an argument with one of my writers the other day.
They wrote an ad claiming our system has created multiple seven figure companies.
I told the writer,
“Making that claim and offering no proof to back it up is a recipe for disaster.”

How many Labor Day Sale eMails did you get this year?
It seems like every year my inbox is bloated and overflowing with them.
Every Tom, Dick, and Harry comes out of the woodwork to eMail you.
That’s why I decided not to write you for Labor Day.… READ MORE

Why is everyone so obsessed with downloads?
What does that number even mean?
What happens when you get X-amount of downloads?
Fact is,
Downloads don’t mean diddly.
And I want to prove it to you.
That’s why I recorded a new training showing you a better, more effective way, to measure the success of your podcast.… READ MORE

Look, I’m going to level with you.
When they said you’d have a massive audience;
When they said you’d get tons of traffic;
When they said everyone would know your name…
They lied to you.
Them Guroobs want you to believe that podcasting is some sort of magic bullet that will give you the lifestyle of your dreams.… READ MORE

What came first?
The chicken or the egg?
If you ask me, I’d say the egg.
That’s why I find it so amusing when people put the chicken before the egg in podcasting.
Here’s what I mean.
Too many people are jumping on the podcasting bandwagon because some guroob some where told them it’s an awesome way to build your audience.… READ MORE

You ever get on a sales call only to have the person on the other line say, “Who is this again?”
You want to know why that’s happening?
Because you haven’t made a lasting impact.
They don’t know your name.… READ MORE

Just got off the phone with Cupcake.
She said all the kids in Huddy’s class are calling him Romeo.
I thought it was because he was romancing all the the girlies.
But it turns out there’s a character named Romeo in PJ Masks. … READ MORE

If you’ve ever felt


Then I’ve got something for you.
It’s a weird cure I learned from an eighty year old man who has spent the last 35 years helping thousands of entrepreneurs (like you and me) create self managing companies without compromising time with their family or getting burnt out.… READ MORE

Back in the day before I was a podcasting super hero,
I used to follow the GuRoob hype machine.
They told me I needed a blog.
I got me a WordPress.
They told me I needed to be on the social medias.
I setup my profiles.… READ MORE

Damaging admission time…
Way back in 2011 I was a struggling “internet marketer.”
I was lucky to bring in a thousand bucks per month.
Most months I didn’t make a penny.
Cupcake was worried.… READ MORE

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