Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles

Not sure what it is,
But people keep asking me the same question over and over lately.
Here’s what happens.
They know they want to start a podcast.
They don’t want to waste time learning how to do everything themselves.… READ MORE

I hadn’t thought about it
But I spent most of my day in front of my mic with my headphones on.
After finishing up my last call.
I realized all the big wins I’ve had in my career have come from my work in podcasting.… READ MORE

Sitting at the Atlanta airport right now.
Just finished a day at Strategic Coach.
It’s my fourth year in the program and…
One of the best to date.
This program keeps getting better.
So does my business.… READ MORE

You want to know how to kill a sale…
Talk too much.
Most people think selling is all about talking someone’s ear off until they finally break down and buy.
Fact is,
The less you talk the better your chances of making a sale.… READ MORE

Back in 2008 I got into podcasting ‘cuz I thought it would be fun.
Before I knew it I was putting too many hours into my show.
Recording was the easy part.
That only took 30 minutes.
Afterwards there was all the behind the scenes work including:

Uploading the Audio
Writing Show notes
Writing eMails
Writing Social Media posts
Scheduling blog posts
And on and on and on.… READ MORE

Not sure what it is,
But I keep running into people with BIG dreams about podcasting.
They think they’re gonna build a massive audience,
And sponsors are going to line up making it rain hundies while they work.… READ MORE

This is prolly going to sound weird.
But most people get into podcasting worrying about all the wrong things.
They think about what mic to use.
What software they need.
Where they should host their show.… READ MORE

Ever wonder how you could talk less and sell more?
If you hate getting on the phone with prospects who aren’t prequalified.
Having too push too hard to get the sale.
This post is for you.
How you can talk less and sell more.… READ MORE

Have I ever told you about my first three years in podcasting?
They we’re some of the toughest years of my life.
I recorded 105 episodes, put in over 400 hours of work, invested nearly 10 grand, and had nothing to show for it.… READ MORE

What’s worse than no one listening to your podcast?
Having the wrong kind of listeners.
People with no dough, short attention spans, and no ability to invest in themselves.
If you attract these folks you’ll never be able to cash in on your podcast.… READ MORE

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