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Not sure what it is,
But I keep running into people with BIG dreams about podcasting.
They think they’re gonna build a massive audience,
And sponsors are going to line up making it rain hundies while they work.… READ MORE

This is prolly going to sound weird.
But most people get into podcasting worrying about all the wrong things.
They think about what mic to use.
What software they need.
Where they should host their show.… READ MORE

Ever wonder how you could talk less and sell more?
If you hate getting on the phone with prospects who aren’t prequalified.
Having too push too hard to get the sale.
This post is for you.
How you can talk less and sell more.… READ MORE

Have I ever told you about my first three years in podcasting?
They we’re some of the toughest years of my life.
I recorded 105 episodes, put in over 400 hours of work, invested nearly 10 grand, and had nothing to show for it.… READ MORE

What’s worse than no one listening to your podcast?
Having the wrong kind of listeners.
People with no dough, short attention spans, and no ability to invest in themselves.
If you attract these folks you’ll never be able to cash in on your podcast.… READ MORE

If your thinking about starting your own podcast I’ve got good and bad news for you.
First, the good news.
In 2018 we had the biggest jump in podcast listenership ever. CBS conducted a study and people who now listen to podcasts several times per week was up from 15% last year to 23% this year.… READ MORE

Why do so many people think podcast lead generation will work for them?
Maybe it’s because all the GuRoobs paint a pretty picture and tell you that podcasting is great lead generator.
Perhaps it’s because guys like John Lee Dumas make it look easy.… READ MORE

Weird things happen when you’re sitting face to face with someone.
Baring your soul.
Sharing your deepest darkest secrets.
Check it…
Whenever we start a new client we do a throrough interview to get all the details on them, their offer, and their market.… READ MORE

You ever hear of Kenny Loggins?
He recorded with the “Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in the 1970’s.
In the 1980’s he won an academy award for his work on the Footloose soundtrack.
Although I’m not a fan of his music I can’t help but sing along when I hear “Dangerzone.”
Anyways, while preparing for the latest episode of the Daddy’s Working Podcast I was surprised to find a quote I used came from one of his songs.… READ MORE

In the last couple of weeks we’ve added 352 people to this newsletter.
And every time we get a influx like this it never fails.
The crazies come out and start applying to work with me and my team.
That’s why it’s time for a quick math lesson.… READ MORE

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