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If you’re a professional coach or consultant,
And you care…
There’s no doubt your clients can frustrate the heck out of you.
You take the time to ask them the right questions,
You help them get clear on what they need to do.… READ MORE

How do you become healthier, wealthier, and happier than everyone else around you?
Most people will believe it’s genetics, luck, or something they’ve got no control over.
It all comes down to the one little habit ‘Daddy’ shares with you in today’s show.… READ MORE

If you were raised like I was then you know…
The man of the house is supposed to bring home the bacon.
He goes to work,
Does what he has to,
And takes care of his family.
But what about when you’re an entrepreneur.… READ MORE

One of the most common things my clients ask me…
“Jonathan, how do I get more downloads?”
It used to be all about your eMail list.
You send an email to them,
They open the email and click the link.… READ MORE

After helping 34+ experts launch and grow their podcasts to millions of downloads over the last ten years.
You’d think I’d know better.
But I made one of the biggest rookie mistakes when I started recording the #DaddysWorking Podcast.… READ MORE

It’s finally here…
The first episode of Daddy’s Working is LIVE.
Here’s what’s inside:
– Work/Family: What’s your priority ranking? (2:30)
– A ‘must-read’ personal finance book that can change your mindset around money and building wealth (7:00)
– The real estate deal that changed my turned my entire life upside down (12:30)
– A common money lie you’ve been sold that is actually keeping you miserable and broke (13:20)
– I have two Dads (14:50)
– When did men stop being men?… READ MORE

Muscle memory is the act of completing a physical or mental task to the point where your body learns to complete the task more efficiently but with less ‘processing power.’
Although your muscles don’t have brains, skills become ‘grooved’ in your mind through motor memory.… READ MORE

Agree or disagree?
If you’re not getting better.
If you’re not growing.
If you’re not the best version of yourself every day…
Then you’re dying a slow painful death.
Producer Jonathan

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally bring you the Daddy’s Working Podcast.
It’ll be on iTunes next week…
If you’re as excited as I am about it, I want to invite you to a sneak preview of the show.… READ MORE

A lot of people hate Monday.
Those same people thank God when it’s Friday.
It’s not their fault.
They’ve been brainwashed to believe this is the way things are supposed to be.
When I hear this kind of stuff it raises a giant red flag to me.… READ MORE

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