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You ever hear of Kenny Loggins?
He recorded with the “Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in the 1970’s.
In the 1980’s he won an academy award for his work on the Footloose soundtrack.
Although I’m not a fan of his music I can’t help but sing along when I hear “Dangerzone.”
Anyways, while preparing for the latest episode of the Daddy’s Working Podcast I was surprised to find a quote I used came from one of his songs.… READ MORE

In the last couple of weeks we’ve added 352 people to this newsletter.
And every time we get a influx like this it never fails.
The crazies come out and start applying to work with me and my team.
That’s why it’s time for a quick math lesson.… READ MORE

Stop handling sales objections and erase them instead.
Phone sales can be incredibly hard, especially if you’re trying to sell people cold.
But it doesn’t have to be so hard.
In this post I’ll show you how handling objections can be easier by using content marketing in your sales funnel.… READ MORE

Had a weird conversation the other day.
Someone reached out to me saying, “Hi Jonathan, we help REALTORs market their growing practice through…”
I was confused.
Didn’t understand why she thought I was a REALTOR.… READ MORE

It’s Valentines Day.
A day to celebrate love.
Wait in line too long for dinner.
Eat mediocre food.
Buy over priced flowers.
And stuff your face with a load of cheap chocolates.
Me and Cupacake – we’re not into that.… READ MORE

“Our love of being right is best understood as our fear of being wrong.”
~ Kathryn Schulz
Reading an article in Harvard Business review about what you should do when you make a mistake.
Most of us hate making mistakes.… READ MORE

Thigh Master: 10,000,000 units sold
Sweating to the Oldies: 20,000,000 units sold
The Snuggie: 4,000,000 units sold
What do these three products have in common?
First, you know the name.
Second, you can picture the products.… READ MORE

Have you heard all the hype about that FYRE documentary on Netflix?
Apparently some scammer paid a bunch of models to take pictures with him on an beautiful tropical island.
Then he paid social media “influencers” to share the pictures.… READ MORE

A few seasons back me and Cupcake hit Lake Tahoe for a snowboarding adventure.
The view from the mountains down to the lake was spectacular.
But that’s not what I remember most about our trip.
The most memorable thing was sitting at a restaurant for lunch next to a couple of snowboard kids.… READ MORE

I’d couldn’t imagine laying on my death bed saying, “I wish I worked more.”
Could you?
Getting to the end of the line and realizing you’ve got regrets must be one of the most painful feeling imaginable.… READ MORE

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