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Have you heard all the hype about that FYRE documentary on Netflix?
Apparently some scammer paid a bunch of models to take pictures with him on an beautiful tropical island.
Then he paid social media “influencers” to share the pictures.… READ MORE

A few seasons back me and Cupcake hit Lake Tahoe for a snowboarding adventure.
The view from the mountains down to the lake was spectacular.
But that’s not what I remember most about our trip.
The most memorable thing was sitting at a restaurant for lunch next to a couple of snowboard kids.… READ MORE

I’d couldn’t imagine laying on my death bed saying, “I wish I worked more.”
Could you?
Getting to the end of the line and realizing you’ve got regrets must be one of the most painful feeling imaginable.… READ MORE

Everyone hates to hear those four brutal words.”Who are you again?” Especially at the very beginning of a sales call. You instantly know it’s going to be fight to close this deal.
How to be Unforgettable
There’s so much competition out there.… READ MORE

Been spending more time on LinkedIn lately.
The other day someone wrote, “Is it more important to get new customers? or Repeat buyers?”
To which I replied, “If you can get repeat buyers then you can spend more to acquire new ones.”
Smart…I know.… READ MORE

Didn’t even want to write you about this.
And Cupcake would kill me if she knew I was telling you about it.
But yesterday I got some bad news.
Instead of dealing with my feelings head-on I decided to eat them.… READ MORE

Every day, you’re reminded that you need to be more.
You need to do more.
You need to have more.
And this can put you in a real funk.
Especially if you start thinking you’re not enough.
You’re not living up to your potential.… READ MORE

Here’s a dumb question I got from a reader over the weekend:
“You seem to send a short, spammy (“sales oriented” for the euphemistically inclined) messages sufficiently often to stray well over the line from helpful into annoying.… READ MORE

In this post I’ll show you three ways our most successful experts are making faster sales using a podcast for business.
Tired of objections? Can’t stand having to sell yourself on every call?
The reason you’re having to work so hard on sales calls is because you haven’t indoctrinated your prospects correctly.… READ MORE

I’ve been known to have a sharp tongue.
Which served me well growing up in the mean streets of Brooklyn.
When suckers tried to pick on me I sliced them to pieces with a verbal assault.
As I got older I realized this was no longer an asset.… READ MORE

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