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I've been known to have a sharp tongue.

Which served me well growing up in the mean streets of Brooklyn.

When suckers tried to pick on me I sliced them to pieces with a verbal assault.

As I got older I realized this was no longer an asset.

I had to sheath my tongue and sharpen my ears.

Today, most of what I do is listening to my clients to find out how I can help them make maximum impact with their words.

For instance,

I was on a call today with a new client who is going to light the world on fire with his message.

As I took him through our Client Cloner™ process we realized there was something missing.

What he wrote wasn't connecting.

I probed.

I asked questions.

I kept pushing him until we uncovered the magic he had inside him.

Turns out he was looking in the wrong place for the answers.

On the surface he was being hired to give talks by CEO's and business leaders.

But the reason his message was connecting was because it was spiritual.

It was inspiring.

It spoke to a deeper, more tribal need we all have as humans.

The need to connect.

The need to be better.

The need to do better.

The need to live better.

We didn't get to the core of it until I finally had him in tears.

But sometimes that's what it takes to get you to where you want to be.

The right person, asking the right questions, to help you be the hero you're supposed to be.

After a tough session he came off our call with the name for his show and the strategy for the content.

He couldn't thank me enough for my guidance.

He was so excited he couldn't wait to get to work.

And that's what I love about what we do here at The Podcast Factory.

We help you get to the core of your message so you can connect with your listeners and turn them into raving fans and your best clients.

If you're ready to make a greater impact.

But you don't know how to get your message out,

Schedule a call with me…

I'll show you how.

Just like I've shown 34 other experts over the last 10 years.

Get started in three steps:

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2. I'll listen to you

3. I'll give you a podcasting action plan you can use to get your message out to the people who need it most.

Talk Soon,
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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