“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting®

Greg GiulianoUltra Leadership

[Sales Calls in Disguise] make it incredibly easy to meet potential clients, because they ARE the guests on the program.”
Many coaches despise business development and marketing, they just want to “coach”.… READ MORE

David TianMasculine Psychology

I opened up so many spots I got overwhelmed, after a year I scaled back and doubled my rates (and I’m still full).”
Most psychologists view their podcast as “producing content for content’s sake.” That’s what David Tian Ph.D.… READ MORE

Chris EvansThe Smartest Guys In Marketing

The best service provider we ever worked with.”
Savvy business owners know there’s a reason your clients repeatedly choose you over your compeition.

Chris Evans and Taylor Welch (The “Smartest Guys in Marketing”) know why their clients choose them and wanted to encapsulate their message in a podcast so they could reach more of their ideal prospects directly.… READ MORE

Darryl LyonsRetire In Texas

We became experts in our space. Our reputation has been elevated and people have confidence in us, even in a down market.”
Darryl Lyons from Retire In Texas is a Financial Advisor.… READ MORE

Billy GwaltneyCover Your Assets

They’re getting to meet Billy without me having to physically be there.”
Billy Gwaltney helps recommend and provide disability insurance protection for physicians and business professionals.… READ MORE

As we’re sitting at the table I hear my wife and son grumbling about something. I go over to find out what all the fuss is about. They’re working on some new mazes recommended by his doctor. The mazes will help him with his scanning and focus.… READ MORE

One of the biggest benefits of having your own podcast is people get to know you, at scale. You record an episode, put it online, share it, and people listen. The more consistent you are, the more people begin to know like and trust you.… READ MORE

There’s a huge explosion under the armored truck. The ground crumbles beneath it. The truck drops down to the subway passage below. There’s a team waiting to break into the armored truck. When they get in, they find a safe they don’t recognize.… READ MORE

Chris GarrisonBigger Vision

If you just walk [The Podcast Factory’s] process, you get to the point where you start recording.”
Chris Garrison’s on a mission to help other people unlock financial independence and freedom.… READ MORE

Imagine you’re sitting in the back row of Christie’s Auction House in New York. The next painting up for auction is a black canvas with white letters. It reads: May 1, 1987. You laugh to yourself, thinking your kid could’ve done that.… READ MORE

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