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As we're sitting at the table I hear my wife and son grumbling about something. I go over to find out what all the fuss is about. They're working on some new mazes recommended by his doctor. The mazes will help him with his scanning and focus. Which means he'll do better in class.

These new mazes are trickier than the last set he had. Neither of them can find their way out. Huddy, my son, asks me to help.

I grab a pencil, and proceed to do everything backwards. In a matter of seconds, I've solved the maze. Instead of starting at the beginning, I work my way back from the end.

Cupcake, my wife, accuses me of cheating. But I argue the only way to get what you want is to start at the end.

Most people start podcasts at the beginning. They're focused on equipment and cover art. Those things aren't as important as figuring out where we want our listener's journey to end.

In today's article: How starting at the end will help you land more high-value clients with your podcast.

1. Conversation = Opportunities
2. The Multiplier Effect
3. The Audience Expander

Conversations = Opportunities

Most people get into podcasting because they want to build a bigger audience. They want to walk into a room and have people know your name. There's no question, podcasting is a great tool for Speed Influence. But there are better ways to leverage your podcast conversations.

We've found one of the best ways to have meaningful conversations, at scale, is with interviews. Where else can you talk to your perfect clients all day with no pressure? Podcasting is the perfect tool for business development. If you're in sales you know conversation equal opportunities. The more people we talk to, the more business we get.

Now let's look at a way to multiply your chances of landing high-value clients with your podcast.

The Multiplier Effect

American entrepreneur, Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” One of the best-kept secrets of podcasting is that you get to spend time with very successful people. When you target the right guests, they'll also introduce you to more powerful people like them.

This is another way to leverage your podcast to land more clients. Even if the person you interviewed doesn't sign up, they can refer you to their friends. This is what we call “The Multiplier Effect.” One good interview could lead us to many more potential interviews and clients.

The best time to ask for introductions is right after we've completed the interview. When we stop recording, I like to ask if they have any friends who would be a good guest for the show. This gives me a warm intro to their friends. It also gives our guest the opportunity to be a hero to their friends by getting them on our show. It's a perfect win + win situation.

Now let's talk about the most obvious way to land more high-value clients with your podcast.

The Audience Expander

In the last two sections we talked about your guest being the focus of all your attention. Now let's talk about leveraging your podcast interviews to get more attention online.

Each time you record a show, you're creating content that can promote your name and brand online. For each show our hosts get a Power Pack.

Inside the Power Pack are:

1. Power Notes: Long form curiosity based copy for emails and blog posts.
2. Power Quotes: Text based graphics for posting on IG, FB, and Linked In.
3. Power Clips: Short video clips that command attention.

To make this Power Pack even more potent, we also put it in the hands of our guests. This gives them the opportunity to share their expertise with everyone they know. When folks share our interviews, it serves as an implied endorsement for our show. Some people call this social proof, I call it more opportunity.

Now let's bring this all together.

To land more high-value clients with your podcast, start at the end.

Most people starting a podcast focus on the wrong things. They're worried about their equipment and software. This leaves them trapped in a podcast that leads no where.

We prefer to focus on our end goal – getting more clients. With the end in mind, we can create a podcast that provides more conversations with the right people.

If we have amazing guests on our show, there's no question they have amazing friends. After our interview, it's a great time to ask for introductions to their friends.

Once we've recorded an episode we can provide our guests with assets to share. This makes them look like an expert, and gives us reach into their audience.

What's Next?

Today's article was all about getting high-value clients through your podcast. To find out how to book more influential guests on your show, read this article https://thepodcastfactory.com/the-side-door-how-to-book-influential-guest-on-your-podcast/

When you're ready to see how podcasting can build your business, I can show you how our system will work for you. Book a short 30 minute call at http://ThePodcastFactory.com/call

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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