How A Podcast “Pre-Sells” Your Ideal Clients Before You Even Meet Them | Billy Gwaltney

How A Podcast "Pre-Sells" Your Ideal Clients Before You Even Meet Them

Billy Gwaltney

Cover Your Assets

They're getting to meet Billy without me having to physically be there."

Billy Gwaltney helps recommend and provide disability insurance protection for physicians and business professionals. He works with clients across the United States, and has been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1991.

He always thought about starting a podcast, but a number of factors prevented him. He’s pressed for time. He isn’t tech savvy. And he’d have no idea what to do if he was running his podcast on his own.

Billy, like most invisible experts, wasn’t reaching enough of his target market. He had valuable pieces of information to share, but not enough people to share with. He thought this information was too “obvious”, and not worthy of sharing. But after a few episodes, Billy started to note some surprising benefits when he started to share “obvious” information and knowledge.

It expanded his reach across the United States. He was able to meet prospects on the complete opposite side of the country — without leaving his house. Oftentimes, he’s sound asleep as he’s generating highly qualified leads on autopilot.

Billy also noted the podcast was a form of pre-suasion. His podcast acts as a salesman for him. By the time he jumps on a call with a prospect who listened to his show, they are already warmed up to him. They already know who he is, what he does, and boasts high levels of trust and likeability.

When a dream client asks him a question, he simply links to a podcast he recorded months, sometimes even years ago!

Another unexpected benefit was The Podcast Factory taught him to learn to relax and make his presentations more conversational. This transformed the way he did business with clients in person, and on the phone.

Billy recommends The Podcast Factory to you, especially if you need accountability.

Before working with The Podcast Factory, he was invisible to his market. Now? He reaches his ideal clients all over the US (without having to lift a finger).

It blows me away that I can reach people on the other side of the country in a way that is giving them me and answering the specific questions they have."

Billy Gwaltney

Cover Your Assets

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