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A lot of people hate Monday.
Those same people thank God when it’s Friday.
It’s not their fault.
They’ve been brainwashed to believe this is the way things are supposed to be.
When I hear this kind of stuff it raises a giant red flag to me.… READ MORE

Typically, I don’t promote other people’s stuff.
Never been my thing.
If you work to create an audience, why would you sell them anything that’s not yours?
But this isn’t a typical situation.
It’s something special.… READ MORE

Get this.
Before anyone will do business with you they need to know two things.
If you don’t answer these two seemingly simple questions you will be doomed to work harder than you have to.
You’ll be answering the same objections over and over again.… READ MORE

Back in High School I had this friend with a crazy mom.
She was all hopped up on prescription pain meds before it was cool.
She didn’t have a job.
She didn’t work.
And the way she made dough was shady AF.… READ MORE

If people don’t know your name.
If you have to sell too hard on your sales calls.
If you’re tired of wasting time handling the same objections over and over again.
If your sales cycle is way too long.
I’ve got something really cool for you.… READ MORE

Greg SmithRise Above Podcast

With The Podcast Factory, you’re getting the entire package…strategy, implementation, execution, to results
So many people think all you need in order to have a popular podcast people actually want to listen to is high-quality audio production.… READ MORE

Turkey Day – aka Thanks Giving is almost over in the U.S.
If you plated your cards right,
You ate a bunch of good food.
You drank your fair share of adult beverages.
Had some laughs.
Made some memories.… READ MORE

Nope, I’m not doing some lame “Black Friday” sale.
And I’ll spare you the “Cyber Monday” BS too.
I’ve got Turkey to eat (I bet you do too) so I’ll keep this short and sweet.
For the first time in history you can grab all my books on Kindle.… READ MORE

Yesterday I told you how Pandora and Spotify have turned to Podcasting as a new profit center.
I also mentioned how this is going to be a big opportunity for those prepared to cash in on it.
Apple’s iTunes boasts 600,000 podcasts in their catalog.… READ MORE

Front page of the Wall Street Journal today,
“Spotify and Pandora Turn to Podcasts for Profits.”
That’s right boys and girls.
Some big money and attention are going to be flowing into podcasting next year.… READ MORE

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