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Any time I have a chance to get the heck outta Dodge,
I take it.
Last week I packed up Cupcake and Huddy and took them down south.
We went to the Miami Open Tennis Tournament.
But you can only watch so much tennis.… READ MORE

Last night’s note got me quite few responses.
If you missed it, you can read it here God hates rich people
One response stood out from the rest.
Maybe it’s becuase he’s one of my long term clients.
Maybe because I like the guy.… READ MORE

In case you didn’t know it,
I’m a practicing Catholic man.
What does practicing mean?
I go to Church with my family weekly.
I’m a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus.
And I’ve done plenty of volunteer work at my Church plus I give them money regularly.… READ MORE

Just hopped off an interview with a really smart dude.
When I say smart, I mean PHD scientist type smart.
He’s got a new membership site he sold out and he invited me in for a chat on podcasting.
Thing is, we hardly talked about podcasting at all.… READ MORE

I’d love to sit here and toot my own horn about how working with me will make your sales easier.
But today,
I don’t have to.
Because my man Nic Peterson is doing it for me.
Check out what he posted inside our private mastermind group:

Want easier sales?… READ MORE

You’ve got ideas.
You’ve got a point of view.
But maybe you haven’t figured out how to get in front of more people.
Good news for you buckeroo.
I just recorded a video with 3 tips on how you can create “not viral” videos that infect people with your ideas.… READ MORE

I don’t know about you,
But when I was a kid I always looked forward to Saturday’s.
Me and my brother would get up early,
Pour an overflowing bowl of cereal,
And plop down in front of the TV for Saturday morning cartoons.… READ MORE

More and more people are talking about “going viral.”
This video “went viral”
That video “went viral”
To be completely honest with you…
I don’t really know what “going viral” means.… READ MORE

I might not do this at all – so don’t count on it.
But if I decided to…
Choose One:
(THIS) A behind the scenes look at a new method that got me 100k video views on Facebook
(THAT) An ingenious way to make your product seem like you have no competition
This or That?… READ MORE

It was a total sh*t show today.
It was supposed to be a simple Facebook Live with me and my buddy Nate Kennedy.
Our plan was to bust out his “Fireside Chat Formula” LIVE – to write a story that can’t be ignored.… READ MORE

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