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Savvy business owners know there’s a reason your clients repeatedly choose you over your compeition.

Chris Evans and Taylor Welch (The “Smartest Guys in Marketing”) know why their clients choose them and wanted to encapsulate their message in a podcast so they could reach more of their ideal prospects directly.

Without a second thought they dove head-first into what they thought would be a fun and profitable adventure starting their own show.

After doing everything themselves, Chris calls their attempt at podcasting “awful”.

They quickly realized so much behind the scenes work goes into a podcast.

There's audio editing and mixing, episode planning, and releasing the episodes on all the top podcast networks.

I don’t like to do things unless they’re done right, and I don’t like to do things unless I can get full value and leverage out of it”, Chris says.

If you’re like many business owners who share this attitude, you will definitely want to do what Chris and Taylor did next…

After a failed attempt at starting their own podcast, they heard about The Podcast Factory and decided to jump on a call to discuss their ideas.

This is what Chris said about their call with Jonathan:

He was very very intent on our message, who we were, our style… When we got on the phone, he was really good at helping us craft our persona and story just for our podcast, so obviously it was a no-brainer to get on with him.

Today, Chris and Taylor call The Podcast Factory “the best service provider we ever worked with.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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