Podcasts Boost Your “Legitimacy Factor”

Podcasts Boost Your “Legitimacy Factor” (And Creates “Pre-Sold” Leads 24/7)

Joe Mosher

The Pacesetter Pod

By putting my podcast online, sharing it with prospects, having it in my back pocket, and knowing that it’s working even when I’m sleeping, it further establishes credibility."

In your clients eyes, podcasts boost your legitimacy.

That’s a fact.

And Joe Mosher, Founder of the Mosher Consulting Group, wanted to be viewed as a credible expert to his prospects.

That’s why he considered starting a podcast — to scale his reach and build his network. But like a lot of entrepreneurs, he battled with imposter syndrome, as he constantly thought:

“Do I have anything worth saying?”

Besides this, he wasn’t clear on how to package his expertise in a way his ideal clients would understand. Joe handles the integration component of a Merger & Acquisition (M&A.) And the vast majority of his market isn't aware that integration is part of the M&A process. They think they’re two separate concepts, which is a massive hurdle when speaking to them.

After working with The Podcast Factory®, everything changed.

His fear vanished.

Joe is now seen as the authority figure in his niche.

By his own admission…

Joe was amazed at how much the podcast boosted his “legitimacy factor” in the eyes of his prospects.

Bringing you and your team into my business helped me sharpen my message. And even before the first episode released, I found myself talking differently to prospects and existing clients."

Joe Mosher

The Pacesetter Pod

Not only that, he’s more confident when speaking to clients, and uses his podcast to establish his credibility during and after the call.

In a way, he’s “pre-selling” his clients BEFORE uttering a single word to them.

To listen to Joe’s story, click play on the play button below.

And when you’re ready to grow your business, expand your network, and build your legitimacy with a podcast…

Click the link below to schedule a call with The Podcast Factory® to find out how it could work for you: 


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