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Greg Giuliano

Ultra Leadership

Podcasts make it incredibly easy to meet potential clients, because they ARE the guests on the program."

Many coaches despise business development and marketing, they just want to “coach”. Greg Giuliano, founder of Ultra Leadership, understands that desire. He loathes the pushy style of sales and marketing often associated with generating new business. He also notes the many coaches tend to be more introverted, and find sourcing new business an agonizing experience.

But being a coach without a pipeline of highly qualified leads?

It’s a recipe for burnout. It’s an excellent way to lose your hope, money, time, and sanity. With only 10% of coaches “making it”, and an estimated 90% of coaches failing…

Would you like to wake up with a calendar full of pre-booked calls with their ideal clients?

Would you like to talk with highly qualified clients in a relaxed, casual environment with no sales pressure?

Working with The Podcast Factory®, Greg discovered a unique style of podcasting called, “The Client Cartels System."  As Greg mentioned, “To grow your business, you need to meet and talk to people.” He found his podcasts were an excellent way to speak to his ideal clients, because his guests ARE his ideal clients.

Instead of:

  • Sending out hundreds of unread cold emails
  • Irritating prospects with cold calls
  • And grinding out daily posts on LinkedIn… 

He has a 20 minute chat with a prospect who WANTS to talk to him. And best of all, it’s a complete turn-key experience. All Greg has to do is show up, with all the behind the scenes work taken care of.

Not only does he get to talk to prospective clients, but he also captures market research he couldn’t get anywhere else. He understands their problems, their pains, and how he can solve their issues.  

What I find awesome about The Podcast Factory® is that you guys deliver everything that you promise."

Greg Giuliano

Ultra Leadership

The result?

Converting his guests into clients is a breeze. In fact, with his unique podcasting method, asking his guests one question makes them eager to work with him.

The question?

“Are you or somebody in your company interested in the services we provide?”

It's a natural transition, and he’s been able to generate new business at will. But his podcast does far more than serve him up his ideal clients on a platter. Greg also credits The Podcast Factory® for helping him:

  • Understand how to have better conversations
  • Reconnect with his network, and, as a result, scale his coaching company
  • Undertakes an in-depth analysis of his best clients, and figures out solutions on the fly 

Best part?

Greg signed a 6 month contract with one of his guests less than a few months into running his podcast. His new client covers the entire cost of the podcast for 2023 and 2024. In other words, Greg received an immediate ROI.

Greg’s podcast connects him with people who need his help. It’s a sales call, in disguise.

To listen to Greg’s story, click play on the button below.

And when you’re ready to wake up to a calendar full of pre-booked calls with your ideal clients….

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