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One of my favorite things about marketing is how scientific it is.
For instance, at The Podcast Factory I know it takes around 6 applications to get one good phone meeting.
It takes two phone meetings to find one person who will be a good fit for our “Done for You” podcasting service.… READ MORE

A quick story for you today.
When Ben Settle was ready to grow his audience he knew that Podcasting would be the answer.
There were a couple of problems though…
First, he didn’t know anything about the tech stuff and didn’t want to learn.… READ MORE

Check it.
When we asked James J. Jones from the “Selling on Azon” show what would have stopped him from getting his podcast on the air, here’s what he said:
“I had no clue how to do podcasts to begin with, how to do the audio.… READ MORE

Tell me if this sounds familiar.
You’re constantly looking for ways to grow you business and reach more people.
You’re already super busy running things.
You know you gotta find a way to connect with people otherwise things will dry up and you’ll be back to the drawing board.… READ MORE

Today I wanted to share a quick story with you about a women who had a lot to say, but wasn’t sure anyone would want to listen.
After hearing her on an interview I knew people were going to love her.
We got together to talk about how she could reach more people to promote her coaching service, but she was concerned she didn’t have the time to do it.… READ MORE

When we asked Kevin Roger of “Copy Chief Radio” what would have kept him from starting his podcast he said,
“It would have been thinking I could do it all myself. That would have quickly turned from the obstacle to the reason I didn’t start my show.… READ MORE

Here’s what Doberman Dan said about working with me and my team at The Podcast Factory:
“I think most people don’t understand the amount of production that goes into a podcast. It seems like you turn on garage band and start recording and you click the stop button when you’re done.… READ MORE

Wanted to share a quick story with you about a guy who wanted to be seen as a dominant expert in his market.
He was crazy busy because he had so much going on in his business.
He was managing a large and very active Facebook community.… READ MORE

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”
Basically, to get ahead in this world you don’t have to be the smartest or best at what you do because knowing the right people will get you further.… READ MORE

True story,
I was on a strategy call the other day with a fellow who wanted to work with me and my team to launch his podcast.
His first question was, “Can I do this all myself?”
And I told him, “Absolutely.”
All you have to do is research online and you’ll find thousands of blog posts and articles on how to start a podcast.… READ MORE

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