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The more I use it, the more I love me some You Tube.
I like it as a spectator watching videos and learning stuff.
I like it as a creator watching other people who are awesome at making videos.
And I love it as a tool to make sure you always get the latest shows from The Podcast Factory with no delay.… READ MORE

All week I’ve been asking, “What is your single biggest business challenge” right now?
And I’ve received some good stuff and some not so good stuff.
For instance, one person wrote:
“Q: Do I need an iPod to get “pod casts?”
Something like a radio that’s carried in your pocket?… READ MORE

All week I’ve been asking, “What is your single biggest business challenge right now?”
And I’ve received some interesting answers.
Today I’m digging into my mail sack to pull out another readers question.… READ MORE

This week I’ve been asking you to share your single biggest business challenge with me.
All you had to do was reply to one of those notes, or CLICK HERE to tell me.
To prove I personally read every response, I’m digging into my mail sack today to answer one of your questions..… READ MORE

You can’t help it,
You have an addiction to reading me every day.
Why else would you open your inbox eagerly looking for a note from me.
I’m feeling a little guilty.
I feel like I’m a terrible person for enabling you.… READ MORE

Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to mess around with some software that’s supposed to help you automate stuff in Aweber.
An hour after chasing robots through rabbit holes I finally got it to do what I needed.… READ MORE

I almost messed up and didn’t write you today.
We had a big issue with our Ponce Inlet condo and we ended up having to find another place to stay.
Although we were a little annoyed about having to move after we just getting settled in.… READ MORE

There was a lot of hype this week about May 4th being a day to celebrate Star Wars.
The gimmick is, “May the 4th be with you.”
Seemed to work too, stored had sales, bars had parties, and plenty of Star Wars talk.… READ MORE

I tried to hide it,
But it keeps coming back.
So I finally decided to show you a ridiculous nervous tick I have whenever I record a video.
Wanna see?
Then check out Daddy’s Working Episode 27 https://thepodcastfactory.com/daddys-working/

Producer Jonathan… READ MORE

What do you think when I say “podcasting?”
Shoot me an email and lemme know.
Producer Jonathan… READ MORE

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