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No time for chit chat today,
There's a bunch of new stuff brewing at "The Factory."
In the past couple of days I've recorded new shows with some fan favorites including Ben Settle & Dan Meredith.… READ MORE

If you're not getting the important things done in your business,
You might be suffering from "Information Overload."
Good news is, I've got the fix for you inside this 4 minute video

Producer Jonathan
16877 E.… READ MORE

Last Tuesday I was at my quarterly Strategic Coach meeting.
On my way there I was thinking about how I could get the most out of the last session of the year.
One thing that came to mind was all the notes I take at these events.… READ MORE

Are you one of the people who has wanted to podcast for the last few years and never taken the leap?
Have you thought about jumping in, but backed off every time you got close?
Maybe you don't know where to start?… READ MORE

The new year is around the corner.
If you’re like most people you’ve attended some conferences, gone through some  trainings, read books, and collected a bunch of ideas along the way.… READ MORE

I'm back in Atlanta for the fourth time this year doing a day of work on my business at Strategic Coach.
This day is super important because it sets me up for the next four months.
During the eight hours I'm in "Coach" I work on my goals, my time off, my focus time, and how I can deliver the absolute best to my customers and clients.… READ MORE

I belong to several different masterminds and forums and every so often a fun question comes up about podcasting.
In the Copy Chief forum over the weekend a guys asked what were some of the big lessons and pitfalls to avoid when jumping into podcasting.… READ MORE

True story,
This guy writes to me:
Subject: I owe you an apology
"Hey Jonathan,
So, I've been listening to Podcast Factory shows for over a year now.
I really enjoyed Ben's, and I still listen to Igor and Dan.READ MORE

If you're tired of competing for business.
If you can't charge enough for your products and services.
If people don't know who you are and you're finding it hard to sell,
I've got good news for you little buddy.… READ MORE

One of my buddies sent me an article by James Altucher called “Why you absolutely must do a podcast”
If you don’t know James, he’s a best selling author, hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, and podcaster.… READ MORE

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