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It’s Sunday and you know what that means, right?
It’s time to catch up on the crazy antics over at The Podcast Factory over the last seven days.
But first,
I’ve been holding out on you.
See, I’ve been sending this weekly newsletter only to the people who have signed up on The Podcast Factory site.… READ MORE

With so many choices out there it’s easy to get bogged down in choosing where to host your podcast.
That’s why in this week’s video you’ll find out the hosting I use for all my shows at The Podcast Factory.
I’ve used all sorts of podcast hosting services and the one I share with you in this video has been the absolute best in terms of delivery, up time, and ease of use.… READ MORE

Inside next month’s “Podcast Mogul” newsletter you’ll get a lot of good stuff about podcasting.
Including how to track down your listeners like the FBI tracks serial killers, why hanging at the water cooler is good for business, and how being like Snow White will make you irresistible to your audience.… READ MORE

I was invited on a “blab” session the other day where the host wanted to know how to make dough podcasting.
We rapped a little bit, a couple more podcasters joined the “blab” and they kept on asking each other, “How do you make dough podcasting?”
The host even whined about how he wished he could make some scratch so he could quit his job.… READ MORE

Remember the Snow White story?
Snow White’s stepmom is the wicked queen. She’s incredibly jealous of Snow White’s beauty and wants her dead. So she tries to have her killed when she’s a baby. Years later she finds out Snow White is still alive and living a quiet life in the middle of the woods with seven little friends.… READ MORE

Got a great question the other day I wanted to share with you.
The guy is new to podcasting and he wants to know how he can get invited to be a guest on more shows.
I told him the easiest way is to invite people onto your show and make them like you.… READ MORE

Get a load of this,
Last week I wrote to tell you about my dad making me read the encyclopedia as a kid.
And I got an interesting response I want to share with you.
Here’s how it went down:
Him: “Do you always send your eMails from Producer Jonathan?”
Me: “Whenever I mail my house list it comes from Producer Jonathan”
Him: “At risk of being laughed at (not sure if you do the same thing Ben does.) I just wanted to share that Producer Jonathan doesn’t really vibe with me.… READ MORE

List Building Lifestyle with Igor Kheifets
“How to convert without proof”
If you’re getting hung up on selling your stuff because you need proof you’re in luck. This week Igor shows you how to sell without proof, without testimonials, and without wasting your time trying to get all this stuff.… READ MORE

If you’re afraid of being boring and you don’t know what to say,

I’ve got some good news for you.

In this week’s video you’ll get three tips that’ll guarantee you’r always interesting to your podcast listeners.… READ MORE

A lot of people are afraid to do a podcast because they don’t know what to say.
They’re scared they’ll get on the air and no one will listen to them.
And if someone does listen, they’ll sound stupid.
Maybe you’ve felt that way too?READ MORE

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