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Check this out,
In the past week I’ve had three different people I respect tell me I need to make more videos.
For years I’ve been ignoring this,
But when I look at my friends who have a big following online I notice they make videos all the time.… READ MORE

I’ve received a bunch of questions about the Podcast Launch Coach program.
Instead of answering them one by one I’m giving you a quick highlight of what you can expect when you join.
It’s a four week accountability program with new stuff each week including:
* Week 1: Finding your audience, picking the right topics, getting the right equipment
* Week 2: Packaging your show to look and sound professional
* Week 3: Recording your show and getting into iTunes
* Week 4: Your launch and promo strategy
Plus, you’ll get some cool bonuses too.… READ MORE

A while back my buddy Darin Persinger from “The Making Agents Rich Show” introduced me to a concept that changed my life for good.
The reason it’s so powerful is because it got rid of all the guessing in my life.… READ MORE

I was reading this article the other day that made me laugh.
It was called “Confessions of a depressed psychologist”
Inside the article there were stats that said 46% of psychologists suffer from depression.… READ MORE

This might rub some of you the wrong way,
But I have to get this off my chest before my head explodes into a million tiny little pieces and paints my office walls and ceilings Podcast Factory red.
I got this email the other day where a guy said, “Sell me on why I should join your Podcast Launch Coach.”
And my blood pressure got up so high that I felt dizzy, started seeing stars, and I was instantly filled with blood boiling rage.… READ MORE

One of the hardest parts to starting your own podcast show is the steep learning curve.
There’s a lot of moving parts.
First you need to define your ideal listener and figure out where they’re hanging out.… READ MORE

Even though you should listen to the entire interview from start to finish,
I know that’s not for everyone,
That’s why I want to share a tid-bit from a review I received from one of my “Podcast Launch Coach” students.READ MORE

The other day I was rapping with one of my loyal readers.
I asked her if she already had a podcast show and she enthusiastically replied, “Yes!”
When I asked her why she got into podcasting she shared a touching story about how a podcast changed her life.… READ MORE

I should probably be scared for my life right now,
But I had to share the latest piece of email luvin’ I received from another disenchanted subscriber:
“If you send me another one of these f****** retarded emails I’m going to f****** hunt you down and you and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting stop f****** sending me emails I would never do business with you just because of the stupid ass emails”
What made this even funnier was his email address had something about “christ” in it.… READ MORE

By the time you're reading this cupcake and I are on the ground in San Jose to get a good night's rest before our fourteen hour flight to the Philippines tomorrow morning.
There are some BIG changes coming to The Podcast Factory when I get back.… READ MORE

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