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All weekend I told you about my Podcast Launch Coach Program.
You even clicked the link to check it out,
But for some reason you didn’t pull the trigger and join us.
And I’m wondering…. why not?… READ MORE

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
The Podcast Launch Coach program will be closed in less than thirty minutes.
Grab your sport now or forever hold your peace.
CLICK Here to sign up now.
Producer Jonathan… READ MORE

This week at “The Factory”
Before we dive into all the goodies I have for you this week you should know that enrollment for The Podcast Launch Coach ends tonight.
If you’re ready to start your show within the next thirty days and you want someone to guide you to the promise land – giving you a big push when you need it —- this is your chance.… READ MORE

The Podcast Launch Coach enrollment is closing at 11:59 pm ET tonight.
This program is for fakers or wannabe’s.
You must be ready to take action and follow my directions.
If you do everything I say, you’ll have your own podcast show inside iTunes within 30 days.… READ MORE

It’s no surprise that someone wrote to ask me if there was a coupon code so they can save dough on joining my Podcast Launch Coach program.
It’s a valid question,
And the answer is N-O
Why? Because if you’re looking for a budget coach I’m not your guy.… READ MORE

Look, having a podcast show ain’t easy.
Especially if you’re doing it yourself.
It’s too easy to procrastinate and make excuses why you should put it off until later.
And that’s exactly why I’ve added the 30 day challenge to The Podcast Launch Coach program.… READ MORE

This is a quick reminder to let you know the Podcast Launch Coach enrollment is closing tomorrow night at 11:59 pm ET.
The good news is you still have some time to jump in,
But only if you’re willing to do the work over the next thirty days to have your podcast show on the air.… READ MORE

Check this out,
In the past week I’ve had three different people I respect tell me I need to make more videos.
For years I’ve been ignoring this,
But when I look at my friends who have a big following online I notice they make videos all the time.… READ MORE

I’ve received a bunch of questions about the Podcast Launch Coach program.
Instead of answering them one by one I’m giving you a quick highlight of what you can expect when you join.
It’s a four week accountability program with new stuff each week including:
* Week 1: Finding your audience, picking the right topics, getting the right equipment
* Week 2: Packaging your show to look and sound professional
* Week 3: Recording your show and getting into iTunes
* Week 4: Your launch and promo strategy
Plus, you’ll get some cool bonuses too.… READ MORE

A while back my buddy Darin Persinger from “The Making Agents Rich Show” introduced me to a concept that changed my life for good.
The reason it’s so powerful is because it got rid of all the guessing in my life.… READ MORE

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